App Showdown Finalist Profile – StatX: Get Business Updates on the Fly

By Joann Peach

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With two billion smartphones on the planet and mobile use eclipsing desktop, StatX founders Prasad Raje and Pablo Bellver set out to build a business app as slick and cool as any consumer app.

They began work on StatX – a universal mobile app that communicates relevant business updates to your mobile phone – in 2015, building a prototype in Bellver’s garage and Raje’s study. Bellver had co-created Google Now at Google and Raje had sold his enterprise cloud software company to Oracle.

“We got funding in mid-2015 based on our prototype and were off to the races, building an amazing team of developers, including iOS, Android and server side,” Raje says.

“Business owners do not have time to sit in front of their computers and go hunting for their financial and other business information,” Raje says. “StatX helps businesses answer the question, what just changed in my business?”

The StatX app is visual and easy to consume. A user can get the information he or she needs at a glance. The “stat” visually represents metrics that matter. Whenever there’s a change, the user is notified via push notifications. The stat can be created and updated interactively on mobile, or linked to data in most software systems.

“StatX is the magical go-between for businesses and accounting pros as they update transactions and financials in QuickBooks®,” Raje says. “Accountants simply update QuickBooks Online (QBO) as usual and StatX automatically delivers the financial updates to the user on their phone.”

A business owner can keep tabs on cash, revenues, AR and AP seamlessly, with no extra effort from anyone. StatX can also connect to other data sources relevant to a business, including Salesforce, MailChimp, WordPress, and even data from Excel or Google Sheets. This delivers a complete view of business changes in sales, marketing and operations – all brought to them on their phone.

Leveraging Customer Feedback and the Intuit® Ecosystem

The StatX team originally built the QBO connector from StatX based on inputs from a customer and added the ability to see any balance sheet account balance based on customer feedback. Deeper features, such as the ability to filter data by class, also came from customer inputs.

As the team works to further develop StatX, Raje says that Intuit’s ecosystem is a “gold mine” with its many providers such as, Expensify and more that provide rich, cloud-accessible REST APIs to their data. The StatX technology platform enables it to connect to any such REST API and deliver that data visually to the user on mobile.

“This means we can eventually be the ‘meta-app’ for all apps in the Intuit App Store,” he says. “That is exciting!”

StatX was a finalist in this year’s Small Business App Showdown at QuickBooks Connect, a contest that honors the very best new apps published on the QuickBooks App Store.

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