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Your LinkedIn Headline Matters: How to Do it Right

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I’m sure you’ve noticed it. The “LinkedIn Headline,” that little tagline that sits at the top of everyone’s LinkedIn profile. For some people, it looks really interesting and eye-catching, but for most people it’s just their title and current company.

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, your headline is simply taken from your current job title and company name. Because LinkedIn initially creates the headline for you, most people don’t realize they can override this default, boring headline and add their own. In fact, most don’t even realize how important the headline is in the LinkedIn universe.

The LinkedIn headline is one of the most underutilized, yet most important parts of your ENTIRE profile. What most people don’t realize is that the LinkedIn headline isn’t just statically located on the top of your profile; it moves throughout LinkedIn with you – defining you, introducing you and potentially prompting people to want to learn more about YOU.

That 120-character tag line shows up on so much, including:

  • Your LinkedIn search result listing
  • Invitations to connect
  • Connection suggestions
  • Status updates
  • LinkedIn messages
  • Group discussions
  • Pulse articles
  • Recommendations
  • Who’s Viewed Your Profile stats
  • People You May Know section

Since your headline is so visible, you want to make sure your LinkedIn headline communicates your value. When you are active on LinkedIn, that headline is often people’s first impression of you, and it determines whether they read your profile or click to the next one.

Your headline also plays a big role in LinkedIn search results. It’s no secret that when a person performs a keyword search in LinkedIn, profiles that contain those keywords in their headlines turn up higher in the search results. To enhance the likelihood of being found on LinkedIn, your headline should be chock-full of the keywords people are using to find someone like you.

A successful headline is one that concisely states who you are, what you do and the benefit you bring to others. It also needs to contain the keywords people are using to find someone like you.

It’s not easy to write about yourself. And, it’s certainly not easy to pack a lot of information in only 120 characters. Because I know how important the LinkedIn headline is and how hard it is to create a great one, I created a free, online app that generates a powerful, keyword-packed LinkedIn profile for you. It’s super easy to use and, with just a couple clicks of your mouse, you’ll have an engaging, professional LinkedIn headline that impresses!

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