High 5(00)! There Are Now 500+ QBO Apps Available!

by Amy Ball

1 min read

High 5(00)! There are now 500 apps in the QuickBooks® Online App Store!

We’ve reached 500 awesome ways to help you expand the power of QuickBooks, so you can focus more on running your business and less on accounting. Need help with expense tracking, HR, inventory or organizational charts? We have an app for that. From online portals to CRMs, there is an app that can help you streamline your operations so you can focus on what you love doing!

And they just keep on coming – here are some of the new apps released in the past month. Congrats to PowerSync for being the 500th app in the QuickBooks Apps store!

Chargebee: A subscription management, recurring billing and invoicing solution that allows customizable invoices, and accurately syncs invoices, credit notes, payments, refunds, customers and taxes to the QuickBooks Online account.

Printavo: An easy-to-use platform that helps screen printing, embroidery, signing and promotional products shops stay organized.

Clio: Clio is the world’s leading cloud-based legal practice management solution. When paired with QuickBooks Online, it streamlines legal accounting and the management of client funds resulting in less manual work, more billable hours created.

Magento Integration by PowerSync: This app allows the data entered in Magento to seamlessly flow into QuickBooks Online, capturing business critical data for your accounting department. Eliminate duplicate data entry and automatically sync tax rates from Magento and QuickBooks.

PeopleGrid: An interactive org chart that aligns people and the organization’s roles and goals. The employees, departments and levels data from QuickBooks Online automatically uploads to PeopleGrid to create a professional looking org chart in seconds.

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