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Looking for more QuickBooks Desktop functionality? Here’s how QuickBooks Enterprise can help

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Just like pro athletes upgrade their equipment to get an edge over their competition, companies often need to upgrade their software to keep up with their increasing demands. Whether you’ve hired more employees, expanded your capabilities, or just want more flexibility, QuickBooks® Enterprise offers a customizable solution – with additional functionality – that scales with your business.

Having a complex business shouldn’t demand a complex system to stay on track. As you’ll see, QuickBooks Enterprise is an end-to-end business management solution that offers additional functionality over QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier.

Let’s explore some key advantages you can gain by upgrading to Enterprise.

Advanced accounting functionality

Your time is best spent serving customers and making key decisions – not being tied up with operations tasks.

For example, managing fixed assets traditionally involves clunky, error-prone equations. But, with QuickBooks Enterprise Fixed Asset Manager, all you need to do is choose your depreciation schedule and let the software handle the rest.

And, as your team grows, more people will likely require access to your accounting data, which is why QuickBooks Enterprise lets you grant access to up to 40 users. That said, everyone doesn’t need access to the same information. The Custom User Permissions feature lets you pick and choose who has access to specific data, transactions, and reports based on their role in your organization. You keep control of sensitive information, and your staff sees only what they need to do their jobs effectively.

As an added layer of flexibility, QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to add an additional company to your dashboard without an extra fee. You can easily toggle between two companies and simplify your bookkeeping with consolidated reports.

Make payday a breeze

Running payroll accurately is essential for any business. But, when time is at a premium, you can’t afford to be distracted by piles of paperwork and complex tax calculations. QuickBooks Enterprise syncs your bookkeeping and payroll data, so you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and tedious data entry. As an added bonus, you’ll get exclusive discounts on payroll, direct deposit, and per employee fees.

If you’re looking for maximum control over your payroll system, consider Assisted Payroll. This feature is included in QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond – the most powerful QuickBooks built for complex businesses. Assisted Payroll lets you pay employees faster and even completes your payroll taxes for you. It’s like having a personal payroll assistant who works around the clock so that you don’t have to.

Optimize your job costing

Relying on too much guesswork for job costing can cause cash flow issues for key projects. If you run a professional services firm, you know the importance of having laser-accurate estimates. QuickBooks Enterprise has the most robust job costing functionality of any QuickBooks products, with features designed to maximize your profits.

For example, you can generate work-in-progress reports that let you see the percent complete of every line item in an estimate. You’ll also have real-time information on expected and actual revenue for jobs in progress, allowing you to create accurate invoices.

Additionally, the committed costs by job report lets you see how much you’ve spent by project, the cost to complete, and if you’re on pace with your budget. It even accounts for costs that haven’t been billed, such as payroll and purchase orders. 

Get a better grip on inventory management

Tracking inventory accurately is more essential than ever with the shift to ecommerce, which is why QuickBooks Enterprise’s inventory management functionality enables you to manage your entire sales order fulfillment process from a single dashboard.

For example, you can track your inventory by bin location, serial numbers, or lot numbers to accurately track items, warrant claims, or defects. If you’ve grown to have multiple warehouses, QuickBooks Enterprise can help you manage them all, including transferring inventory from one location to another to meet demand. You can also automatically calculate which items need to be restocked and generate purchase orders with one click

Plus, you can send pick and pack instructions to mobile barcode scanners, auto record bills of materials, and run custom inventory reports to make sure you never run out of stock.

Ditch spreadsheets once and for all

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets. Reporting with QuickBooks Enterprise lets you see the data you want, how you want it. You’ll have instant access to more than 200 templated reports that you can modify with filters and custom fields. You can also choose from 70 industry-specific reports for your specific industry needs.

There’s no limit to the reports you can create with QuickBooks Enterprise – if the data is in QuickBooks, you can report on it.

Get premium support from real experts

When you need advice, you shouldn’t have to scour the web to find the answers you need. With QuickBooks Enterprise, you get access to 24/7 premium support from QuickBooks agents who can guide you through onboarding and adding functionality as your business grows. You’ll also get access to a library of professional on-demand training courses to help your team master all the QuickBooks Enterprise features.

From advanced accounting to powerful payroll and dedicated support, QuickBooks Enterprise is built with functionality that scales with your business. If you’re looking to do more with QuickBooks, consider QuickBooks Enterprise, our most powerful QuickBooks yet.



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