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Paycheck Corrections Features Returns 6,800 Hours to Customers

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You asked for it, you got it. We heard you loud and clear that you wanted the ability to void or delete any paycheck in the current quarter, and void checks in prior quarters WITHOUT having to contact QuickBooks customer care and support to make these types of corrections.

As it turns out, it was a REALLY good suggestion! Since the release of the paychecks corrections/void delete feature this past July, the QuickBooks Online Payroll team has reported that more than 29,000 paychecks have been corrected automatically by you. And Andy Kiel, our Supportability Specialist, told us that since these support calls usually last about 26 minutes each, this feature improvement alone has already eliminated 15,700 contact calls – saving customers 6,824 hours! That’s a whopping 284 days saved that you can now reinvest in your business and your family!

Paychecks corrected in seconds and fully Compliant

The QuickBooks Online Payroll team partnered with our software development team to create a delightful experience for customers to delete their own paychecks and recalculate their payroll taxes in seconds all inside of QuickBooks.

“After correcting these cross quarter paychecks, we remind both you and your linked accountant to remember to amend tax returns as necessary in order to ensure proper reporting to the IRS and state tax agencies,” said Kyle Weiss, QuickBooks associate product manager.

“Our mission is to fuel the success of our customers. Through listening to customer feedback, we fixed an issue that was a high priority and gave customers a better product experience,” said Weiss. “This will enable small business owners to spend less time on the phone and more time focused on making their business successful.”

If you haven’t already tried it, we encourage you to check out QuickBooks Online Payroll for yourself. Go to the employees tab in QuickBooks and click on the “turn on payroll” button to see your options.

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