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QuickBooks iPhone / iPad 4.6 update

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Here’s what’s new in QuickBooks for iPhone/iPad 4.6!

See exactly when customers view and pay invoices

The QuickBooks invoice tracker shows how your invoices are progressing, so you know if you need to follow up with customers to get paid.

  1. Tap > Invoices.
  2. Tap the invoice you’d like to see status on.
  3. See the invoice tracker at the top of the invoice. Here’s what the statuses mean:
    • Sent: you emailed the invoice to your customer.
    • Viewed: your customer viewed the invoice (if you use eInvoicing).
    • Partially paid: your customer made a partial payment (the amount paid and balance due are shown below the tracker)
    • Paid: your customer paid the invoice in full (expect 2-3 days for this to deposit in your bank account)
    • Pending: the step is not complete (you may still need to send the invoice or follow up with the customer to get paid)

An example of the QuickBooks invoice tracker in action

1-invoice_pendingYou created and saved an invoice but haven’t yet emailed it to your customer.

Status: Pending.

2-invoice_sentYou email the invoice to your customer.

Status: Sent.

3-invoice_linkIf you use eInvoicing, the invoice contains a link to view the details.

4-invoice_viewed_statusThe customer taps the View invoice link from the email.

Now you know the customer has viewed the invoice, including the total amount and due date.

Status: Viewed.

5-invoice_partial_paymentThe customer makes a partial payment, and you enter the payment in QuickBooks.

Status: Partially paid.

6-invoice_paidThe customer pays the full amount.

Status: Paid.


  1. For comprehensive QuickBooks iOS information, see the following FAQs: iPad | iPhone
  2. Missed an iOS update? Catch up at our QuickBooks iOS archive.

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