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QuickBooks Online release notes: invoices

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Here’s a list of recent improvements in QuickBooks Online invoices U.S.

May 2016

  • Share invoice link. Retrieve the web link to an invoice to easily share with your customer via email, text message, etc. There are three places to get the invoice link:

    1. Create (+) > Invoice > Save and share link

    2. Create (+) > Invoice > Print or Preview > Get link to this invoice

    3. Transactions > Sales > Action column > Share invoice link

September 2015

  • Add subtotals on invoices and estimates1. Easily add multiple subtotal rows anywhere in the itemized grid. Just click the row above where you want the Subtotal to go, and then click the Add subtotal button. You can delete and move Subtotal rows and QuickBooks automatically recalculates everything for you! Create (+) > Invoice/Estimate > Add subtotal.
    QuickBooks subtotal
    Replay animation

August 27 2015

  • Better formatted online invoice email. If you email invoices to your customers (Gear > Company Settings > Sales > Online delivery > Email options for invoices > Online invoice), the emails now have a fresher design, and look better on mobile devices.
    QuickBooks invoice email

June 26 2015

  • Import invoice styles. Use your own invoice design by importing a Word .docx file!
    To install: Gear > QuickBooks Labs > Import Style.
    To use: Gear > Custom Form Styles > ▼ to the right of New style > Import style.
    QuickBooks import style
    Click “Download a sample invoice” to download samples and instructions.
    QuickBooks download sample invoice

May 29 2015

  • Add the invoice number to the email subject line. This is based on your feedback for more convenient invoice reference! Gear > Settings > Sales > Messages > Invoice > Use standard message. Note the variable [Invoice No.].
    QuickBooks invoice number email

December 2014

  • Print blank table lines3. When you group items on a sales form by adding 08 blank lines between items, these blank lines now appear on printouts. Create (+) > Invoice/Sales Receipt/Estimate.
    QuickBooks Online invoices print blank lines
  • Multiple sales form templates4. You can now have multiple invoice templates — great for supporting multiple locations or retail/wholesale cases. Change the style of an invoice on the fly by clicking Customize at the bottom of the form. Gear > Custom Form Styles5.

September 26 2014

  • Send later. A 02 Send later checkbox now appears on invoices, estimates, sales receipts, credit memos, and related recurring transactions. This lets you change whether you want an individual form to be added to the send queue. Create (+) > Invoice/Estimate/Sales Receipt/Credit Memo.
    QuickBooks send later

July 25 2014

  • 01 Remove all linked items in one click. If you have billable items linked to an invoice, you can click Linked transactions in the upper left corner and then Remove all.
    QuickBooks billable linked items
  • 02 Filter billable items by type for easier sorting and adding to invoices.
  • 03 Clearly see if a markup will be viewable by your customers.QuickBooks markup message
  • Group and subtotal activity by type (expenses, time, charges, credits). Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the More tab.
  • Adjust top and bottom page margins. Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the More tab.
  • Adjust line height. Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the Style tab.
  • Crop and resize your logo. Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, click the Style tab, and then click ▼ on the logo.
  • Show quantity without rate. Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the Columns tab.

July 11 2014

  • The sales form Description field now wraps around. No more horizontal scrolling.
  • Clicking a sales form field (like Address or Description) now automatically selects everything in that field, so you can quickly delete it or copy/paste it elsewhere.
  • The class and address from an estimate now transfers to an invoice.
  • The service date from a billable expense now transfers to an invoice.

June 27 2014

  • Reorder and resize columns to minimize wrapping and have much better control over the layout. Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the Columns tab.
  • Display the customer message and footer in small, medium, or large font. Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the Footer tab.
  • There’s a new template called “Modern.” It’s most similar to the QuickBooks desktop sales form template.
  • The Friendly and Modern templates are now window envelope compatible.
  • You can now remove the due date from sales forms. Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the Header tab.
  • Your company logo now appears on purchase orders.
  • New lines are automatically added to sales form tables.

May 22 2014

  • We added a new template called “Fresh.” It’s like Bold but with no background color.
  • We added the invoice number to the Friendly template.
  • The Airy template is now window envelope compatible. Click the More tab to turn it on.
  • Service date is now the first column. The Service Date column is now on the left side of the table on your sales forms.


  1. To try updates using sample data, check out the QuickBooks Online test drive.
  2. Missed any recent QuickBooks Online updates? See our release notes archive.

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