2016-05-26 00:00:00What's New in QBOEnglishOur May 2016 QuickBooks Online release notes include improvements in invoices, products and services, inventory, and more!https://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/us_blog/uploads/2017/02/quickbooks-online-update-may-2016.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/whats-new/quickbooks-online-release-notes-may-2016/QuickBooks Online release notes: May 2016

QuickBooks Online release notes: May 2016

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Here’s what’s new in QuickBooks Online U.S. for May. Thanks, as always, for your feedback!

Invoice improvements

  • Share invoice link. Retrieve the web link to an invoice to easily share with your customer via email, text message, etc. There are three places to get the invoice link:

    1. Create (+) > Invoice > Save and share link

    2. Create (+) > Invoice > Print or Preview > Get link to this invoice

    3. Transactions > Sales > Action column > Share invoice link

Product and service improvements

  • Select a product/service by its description. When you select a product/service on a form, the description can help you make the right choice. Create (+) > Invoice > Product/Service.
  • Search for an item by its description. Gear > Products and Services > Find inventory box.
  • Display SKU information1. Easily track products and services by SKU.

    To show the SKU onscreen on transaction forms: Gear > Account and Settings > Sales > Products and services > Show SKU column. The SKU column appears by default if you’re using SKUs, but you can always turn it off here.

    The SKU column on an invoice form

    To print SKU info: Gear > Custom Form Styles > New style > Airy > Activity Table > SKU

    The SKU column on a printed invoice

  • Importing/exporting items from Excel/CSV now includes the Taxable column2. To import: Gear > Products and Services > ▼ to the right of New > Import. To export: Gear > Products and Services > Export to Excel icon (to the left of the table gear).

Inventory3 improvements

  • Edit starting value transactions in the register. You can now edit an item’s starting value transaction in the register. You can also associate a location and/or class4 with the transaction. Gear > Chart of Accounts > Inventory Asset account > View register.
  • Track locations and classes4. For more refined classification of your inventory items, link a location and/or class with an inventory quantity or starting value adjustment. Gear > Products and Services > Action column > Adjust quantity or Adjust starting value.
  • New report: Physical Inventory Worksheet. Print out the report and take it to your warehouse to do a physical count of inventory. Enter the actual counts in the Physical Count column, and then go to QuickBooks and enter inventory quantity adjustments to ensure the counts match up. Physical inventory accounts are typically done at the end of a period (yearly, quarterly, etc.). Reports > All Reports > Manage Products and Inventory > Physical Inventory Worksheet.


Banking improvements

See QuickBooks banking update: June 2016.

Other improvements

  • Print and preview refund receipts. The refund receipt uses the color, logo, and Airy form style from the standard template. Create (+) > Refund Receipt > Print or Preview.
  • Receive payment date range filter. Thanks to your feedback, you can now limit the list of open invoices to a specific date range so it’s easier to find the invoices you want to receive payment on. Create (+) > Receive Payment > Filter.

Reminder: end of support for Internet Explorer 10

Back in January, Microsoft ended official support of any version of Internet Explorer other than Internet Explorer 11. This means that older versions of Internet Explorer will no longer receive critical or non-critical software updates from Microsoft. With your security in mind, QuickBooks Online is following Microsoft’s lead and no longer supporting older versions of Internet Explorer, starting this month.

To sign in to QuickBooks Online using Internet Explorer, please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ, End of support for Internet Explorer 10.


  1. The SKU column is available onscreen on invoices, sales receipts, and estimates only; you can print it using the Airy style only (if you don’t see the Airy style, it’s coming soon). For more info about SKUs, see the help topic Use SKUs.
  2. For more info about importing items, see the help topic Import products and services.
  3. Inventory tracking is available in QuickBooks Online Plus only, and requires this setting turned on: Gear > Company Settings > Sales > Products and services > Track quantity on hand -or- Gear > Products and Services > New > Inventory. For more info about inventory, see the help topics Get started with inventory, Adjust an inventory item’s starting value, and Adjust inventory quantities.
  4. Turn on these settings first: Gear > Account and Settings > Advanced > Track classes and/or Track locations.
  5. To try updates using sample data, check out the QuickBooks Online test drive.
  6. Missed any recent QuickBooks Online updates? See our release notes archive.

One more thing: does your business pay sales tax?

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Get technical support

While we would love to answer all your questions, the blog isn’t managed by customer care staff (only a lone blogger). Your fastest options to get technical support are listed on our Links page, under “Get help and give feedback.”

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