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QuickBooks release notes: September 2016

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Here’s our QuickBooks Online U.S. update for September!

Introducing bundles1 for easy grouping of items

A bundle is a group of items that you can sell and track in QuickBooks. For example, you can create a bundle called Garden Fountain Bundle, which consists of items Concrete, Rock Fountain, and Fountain Pump.

Group items you often sell together into bundles so you can easily add multiple items to transactions.

Some other notes about bundles:

  • Bundles can have up to 50 items.
  • There is no additional markup or change in price for bundles. (Bundles aren’t assemblies.) The price of a bundle = The total price of all its items.
  • You can’t track quantity on hand for bundles.
How to create a bundle
  1. Click Gear > Lists > Products and Services > New > Bundle.
  2. Enter the bundle name, SKU, description, and which products/services are included.
  3. Choose whether you want to display bundle items when printing or sending transactions.
How to add a bundle to a form
  1. Add a bundle just like any other item. For example, click Create (+) > Invoice to add the bundle to an invoice.

    The form shows whether you chose to show/hide bundle items, either “Your customer won’t see any of the items in this bundle” or “Your customer will see all items in this bundle.”


  2. You can search for bundles by name or SKU like any other item.
  3. Once you add a bundle to a form, you can add, edit, and delete items. You can also discount the bundle.

Other improvements

  • Invoice email cc/bcc. Thanks to your feedback, you can now include a carbon copy (cc) or blind carbon copy (bcc) when you send an invoice email. This is helpful when you need to send an invoice other than to the customer. Separate multiple email address with commas. Create (+) > Invoice > Cc/Bcc.


    You can enter default cc and bcc email addresses at Gear > Account and Settings > Sales > Messages.


  • Customize the default purchase order email message. You can now customize the default message on purchase order emails, for example “Please find our purchase order attached to this email.” Gear > Account and Settings > Expenses > Messages.


  • Better control over recurring transactions. You can now duplicate, pause, and skip next date for recurring transactions. Gear > Recurring Transactions > ▼ to the right of Edit.
    • Duplicate: Make a copy of the selected recurring transaction. All settings except the title are inherited by the copy.
    • Pause: Pause the selected transaction from running. Select Resume to make the recurring transaction active again.
    • Skip next date: Skip the next date of the recurring transaction. Note there is no way to unskip a transaction once Skip next date is selected; you can, of course, re-edit the transaction template.


  • Save and send refund receipts. You can now save and email refund receipts to your customers from the refund receipt form. Create (+) > Refund Receipt > Save and send.
  • Improved reports. We’re starting to roll out improved reports! For a summary of changes, check out the Improved QuickBooks reports article.


  1. Bundles are available in QuickBooks Online Essentials and QuickBooks Online Plus only. For more info about bundles, see the help topics Create a bundle and Use bundles in transactions.
  2. To try updates using sample data, check out the QuickBooks Online test drive.
  3. Missed any recent QuickBooks Online updates? See our release notes archive.

One more thing: do you use QuickBooks invoicing?

The QuickBooks Online team is looking for feedback on invoicing. If you’re interested, please give us your feedback in this quick survey!

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