2014-10-28 00:00:00What's New in QBOEnglishThis QuickBooks update includes bank feed enhancements and a faster way to apply a payment to multiple invoices.https://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/us_blog/uploads/2017/02/quickbooks-october-2014-update.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/whats-new/quickbooks-update-october-2014/QuickBooks update: October 2014

QuickBooks update: October 2014

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Here are some QuickBooks treats for your goodie bag. Thanks as always for your feedback!

Bank feed changes:

  • Recognized bank transactions. Go to Transactions > Banking > 01 Recognized to view items (shown in green) that are already matched, have a rule applied, or use categories from related transactions you previously accepted. To accept these transactions into QuickBooks, click the checkbox to the left of the Date column header and choose Batch actions > Accept Selected.
    QuickBooks bank feed recognized
  • Bank rule “or.” Apply a bank rule when a transaction meets condition 1 or condition 2 or condition 3, etc. Example #1: If the description is Amazon or AMZN, set the payee to Amazon and category to Office Expenses. Example #2: If the description is Burger King or McDonalds or Taco Bell, set the payee to Fast Food Vendor and category to Meals and Entertainment. Transactions > Banking > ▼ to the right of Update > Manage rules > New rule > 02 any.
    QuickBooks bank rule or
  • Turn off automatic categorization. When you change a bank transaction’s category, it’s automatically used for future transactions with the same vendor name. You can now turn off that autocategorization. For example, let’s say you categorize a transaction from Mahoney Mugs as Promotional, but you want future transactions from that store to come in uncategorized. If you turn off automatic categorization, future Mahoney’s Mugs transactions won’t appear in the Recognized list, and will come in uncategorized so you can put them in the right account yourself. Transactions > Banking > click a transaction to change its category > Edit this setting > 03 Leave uncategorized.
    QuickBooks leave uncategorized
  • Import bank .csv files. You can 04 download a .csv file of your transactions from your bank’s website. This is especially helpful if QuickBooks isn’t able to directly connect to your bank. Here’s a sample .csv file for reference. Transactions > Banking > ▼ to the right of Update > File upload.
    QuickBooks import csv

Other changes:

  • Receive payment on a batch of invoices. Based on your feedback, the Receive Payment form now has a 05 Batch checkbox, making it fast to apply a payment to multiple invoices. Create (+) > Receive Payment.
    QuickBooks receive payment batch
  • Order checks. You can now order checks by clicking 06 Order checks at the bottom of the page, either at Create (+) > Check or Create (+) > Print Checks.
    QuickBooks order checks

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