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Reinvent your back office with QuickBooks apps

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Even if you’re the sole owner and worker in your business, you need back office operations.

Tasks such as payments, receivables, payroll and inventory management may not be seen by your customers, but they are crucial to keeping your organization’s heart beating. If no one’s around to handle these tasks, operations can fall apart and take time to restabilize.

Here are some apps you can use with QuickBooks® Online to automate your back office operations.

AutoEntry for expense management

Manual data entry of bills and receipts quickly becomes time-consuming if you do it yourself, not to mention expensive if you have to hire help for this task. AutoEntry integrates with QuickBooks and automatically transports your receipt, invoice and billing data right into the transactions so you don’t have to, saving valuable time.

Bill.com for seamless payments and invoicing

Bill.com helps you automate all your payments and invoicing needs. For every bill you pay, you’ll have a clear audit trail (history, approval and payout) so you can track every payment. Bill.com also helps you collect payments three times faster with an automated accounts receivable solution. You can send recurring invoices to your customers, accept flat-rate ACH payments and track invoice payments. Everything syncs with QuickBooks, so your books stay up-to-date.

Gusto for speedy payroll, benefits and HR

Depending on the size of your company, you may be spending more time managing your employees than your business. Gusto makes it easy for you to pay your employees, track time and file taxes. Gusto customers spend five minutes or less running payroll. All tax filings (federal, state and local) and W-2s are automatically submitted for you, eliminating piles of paperwork. To save you time, your employees can access their paystubs and W-2s and update their personal information, which means fewer questions and less paperwork for you. With additional features such as online onboarding, health and retirement benefits, and HR consulting, your employees can focus on their jobs knowing that you’re looking after them.

Update inventory in real time with erplain

Businesses with inventories always have recordkeeping challenges because of the dynamic nature of day-to-day inventory management, not to mention accounting for losses from spoilage and theft. Even robust accounting software typically can’t handle complex inventory management needs. erplain hits the common pain points of inventory management, such as multi-location, kitting and multiple pricing levels, as well as updating inventory accounts in real time, which saves more time than ever before.

The importance of the back office

By automating your back office operations, you get valuable time back so you can focus on managing and growing your business instead of sorting receipts and going back-and-forth with your employees. AutoEntry, Bill.com, Gusto and erplain are just a few of the back office solutions offering seamless integration with QuickBooks for operations such as inventory management, billing, data entry and more. See how apps for QuickBooks can transform your business today by integrating the back office automation tools of your choice.

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