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Save Money on Shipping With Share a Refund

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Shipping companies, such as FedEx, UPS and DHL, give you refunds when shipments are misbilled, delivered late or never shipped. The catch is that these refunds aren’t automatic. You must ask for them, which means auditing for billing mistakes and filing claims with the shipping companies. The whole process is a pain in the neck and must be done on every single shipment. Seriously, who has that kind of time? Share a Refund can help.

With Share a Refund, any overcharges billed to your shipping accounts are returned automatically. Think of it like autocorrect for your shipping invoices. All auditing and claim filing actions are handled for you, freeing you up to spend more time on your business.

Share a Refund is free and has no monthly fees. The only charge is a split of the savings secured back to your shipping accounts.

How It Works

When you install the Share a Refund App, there’s an easy sign up that captures the information necessary to create your account, mainly the login credentials for your shipping account. Three things are done with this information:

  1. Recent invoices posted to your account are downloaded.
  2. Claims and disputes are filed with the carriers when billing mistakes are found.
  3. Claims and disputes are tracked back to your shipping accounts. Share a Refund does 100 percent of the work, making the process turnkey.

Reporting and Notifications

Details on any shipment, and in-depth reporting, are available within the app. An email is sent every Monday that showcases all shipping, auditing and refunding activities that occurred within your shipping accounts.

Who Collects the Refunds?

You do. Refunds are delivered as credits to your shipping accounts, and applied to your shipping invoices. Detailed information on each credit is available on both the carrier website and the Share a Refund App.

How Does Payment Work?  

A split of the refunds is secured by Share a Refund. Credit card or debit card is the preferred method of payment. This is a performance-based service. There are no upfront costs and no ongoing fees.

What if I Already Audit My Own Shipping Invoices?

Great! This is good practice. We’re here to ensure than you maximize the refund potential in your shipping accounts. If there’s a claim or dispute filed on a package, then we won’t file another refund on that package, and won’t invoice for a split of the savings. When Share a Refund sees that there wasn’t an action taken where a refund is expected, the system will take action and report of the specifics. In that way, Share a Refund doesn’t affect any internal, existing processes. Typically, what customers find here is that Share a Refund is faster and more efficient at secured refunds, compared to doing the auditing and claim filing manually.

Share a Refund makes collecting shipping refunds so easy that it won the Small Business App Showdown in October of 2016 at QuickBooks® Connect.

Download Share a Refund today.

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