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What’s New in QBO: July 2018

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No word captures that July feeling better than “independence” (“The heat index is what?” is technically five words). So, it’s only fitting that this month we’re rolling out new QuickBooks features that give you more freedom to work exactly how you want.

New Features

New! “Failed e-invoice” notifications keep payments from falling through the cracks 

In a nutshell: They say failure is a great teacher. When it comes to failed emails, the lesson is clear: “Psst, you need to resend that invoice.” 

With our new notification system, we’ve made sure you get the message loud and clear whenever e-invoices don’t go through, so you never have to worry about failing to get paid. 

How it works: If your e-invoices bounce or fail to send, you’ll immediately receive an email from us letting you know what happened and how to resend the message.

In case you miss the notification in your inbox, we’ll let you know in other ways:

  • Updated status within the invoices list.
  • Explanation within the invoice tracker.
  • Support steps under the Needs Attention filter of the invoice list. 
  • In-line explanation within the email modal.
  • Community help articles with step-by-step instructions on resending. 

New and improved! Redesigned invoicing in QuickBooks Self-Employed lets you bill your way 

In a nutshell: Your invoices should convey your unique personality, not just ours. We’ve revamped the invoicing experience in QuickBooks Self-Employed, giving you the freedom to leave a personalized impression with customers while also growing more efficient and organized. 

What’s changed: With the redesigned invoicing experience, you can now: 

  • Customize the subject line and main message of the invoice email. 
  • Duplicate prior invoices you want to create again, eliminating manual busy-work. 
  • Send receipts for paid invoices to give customers transparency.
  • Send a mobile reminder to customers before payment is due, reducing payday anxiety. 

New! QB Assistant gives the self-employed a shot in the arm

In a nutshell: The unique challenges of being self-employed can lead to a lot of questions, and nothing’s worse than feeling like no one is there to answer them. Enter the QB Assistant, our virtual aide housed within the QuickBooks Self-Employed app. With the touch of a button, you can get on-demand product help, insights, and a well-deserved dose of confidence.

How it works: After opening the QuickBooks Self-Employed app, select the green message icon. This will open the QB Assistant chat screen, where you can interact with your helpful new bot through text or voice commands. 

QB Assistant can answer a variety of questions to help you stay organized and get instant clarity around your finances:

And in case you need more help, just say, “I need help from a human” and QB Assistant will connect you to live support.

New! Bulk receipt exporting saves the self-employed time at tax season

In a nutshell: Tax time is exhausting. And once it’s done—coffee pot poured out, receipts pored over—you don’t want to fuss with your records one second longer than necessary. With our new bulk receipt exporting, you won’t have to. 

How it works: You no longer need to export receipts individually to file them away in your records. You can now run a report right in QuickBooks Self-Employed that downloads all of your digitized receipts at once. This lets you periodically unclutter the books and maximize organization with minimum effort. 

New! Create reports for bill and invoice payments

In a nutshell: These have been the two most-requested new reports, and we’re thrilled to announce they’re here! You can now run reports to easily show vendors and customers which bills and invoices correspond to which payments, and quickly settle any disputes. 

How it works: You no longer need to cobble together vague payment trails using the transaction list in QuickBooks Online. Now you can simply head into the Reports tab and run reports that clearly associate payments with the bills and invoices they cover, eliminating guesswork.

Performance Improvements

Improved! Faster invoice actions:

If you need to delete, void, or copy invoices or sales receipts, you can now find these options in the Action column of your All sales list.

Improved! Quick link to your transaction audit trail:

Select our new link within the All sales filter to easily find deleted or voided transactions—no more losing time running reports.

Improved! Reconcile paychecks deposited in two accounts:

Paychecks deposited in two bank accounts will now show up as two distinct transactions in QuickBooks Online, not one, so they’re easier to match when it’s time to reconcile.

Improved! Let users access everything but Payroll:

When adding new users to a QuickBooks Online account, you can now assign a no-payroll permission—protecting your financial security without otherwise limiting the user’s freedom.

That’s all for now, folks.

Until next time, as always, keep your feet on the ground…and your books in the cloud.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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