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Track expenses with ease

Easily keep track of your business expenses so you can save time, not receipts.

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Always know exactly where you stand

QuickBooks tracks expenses all in one place so you always have a clear picture of your financials.
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Always know what’s coming and going. When you link your bank account to QuickBooks, transactions are imported in real time.*

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Snap and save receipts with our mobile app.* All your receipt information is automatically matched to an existing transaction. 

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Keep things organized with automatic expense sorting and always stay on top of expenses, so you never miss a deduction. 

Business overview dashboard
The dashboard makes it easy to view all the financial info you need to make the best choices for your business—income, expenses, outstanding invoices, and more.
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Automatically track sales tax

QuickBooks can automatically track sales tax for you. Plus, access all the Canadian sales tax codes you need.

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Keep your eyes on the big picture

QuickBooks makes it easy to see where you stand and plan for what’s next.

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Manage cash flow

The cash flow planner tracks your expenses all year, so predicting and managing your cash flow is easy.*

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Track profits and loss

With reports in your dashboard you always know how much money’s on-hand and where you stand.

Frequently asked questions

More ways to learn about tracking expenses

Find more of what you need with these tools, resources, and solutions.

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10 common business expenses

Each month, you might pay for everything from office supplies to electricity. The government allows you to deduct these business expenses from your income at tax time—meaning you pay less in taxes.

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How to track expenses for a small business

In this guide to expenses, you’ll find everything you need to know about recording, tracking, and managing expenses so you’re able to keep more of what you earn.

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How to write off vehicle expenses

You need an accurate record of the kilometres you drive for work. Here are some tips for tracking vehicle expenses and mileage.

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