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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service?

It's an add-on service for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscribers that allows you and anyone you authorize to access the QuickBooks software and company data from an Internet-connected device. This means everyone in your organization - and authorized partners, such as your accountant - can work with the same data at the same time, no matter where they're located.1

What does "hosting" mean?

"Hosting" means that your QuickBooks data and the software are stored ("hosted") on an enterprise-level Web server at a protected facility instead of on your office PC. They're made available to you ("served") over a protected Internet connection rather than your local network. This means you can access and work with your data from a PC, Mac or Linux computer at any location, while minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Using a hosted service lets you can access and work with your data from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer at any location, while minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

What does it take to get started?

Requesting a new account is simple and can be completed in 10 minutes.

After you've signed up for the hosting service:

  1. You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours with instructions on how to login to the hosting service.
  2. Login to your account, follow the on screen prompts and launch your applications.
  3. If you're new to QuickBooks, create your company file. If you're already a QuickBooks user, upload your QuickBooks data file.

That's it. Your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is set up and ready to use!

What are some benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service?

Anywhere, anytime access to applications and data

With your applications and data hosted securely, you can connect anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Simply launch the remote access application and log in with your user ID and password. Your hosted applications are ready for you to use, just as if they were running on your computer. There's virtually nothing new to learn because your QuickBooks Enterprise looks and works just like they do on your computer.

Enterprise-class reliability

QuickBooks Enterprise is hosted on highly available, fault-tolerant, high-performance server clusters to provide enterprise-class reliability to businesses of all sizes. With clustering, Systems are designed to work around hardware failures instantly and automatically activating back-up systems to strive to keep your data accessible 24/7.4

Business continuity

We enable you to connect to your applications and data from anywhere at anytime. If a disaster strikes your office, you'll be able to get to your business-critical information from computers at another site. Whether the disaster is as small as a PC crash or as catastrophic as a hurricane, QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service helps keep your business running.

Data protection

Your hosted data is protected by encrypted transmission, firewalls, multi-layer access controls, and encrypted backups. In addition, it's automatically scanned with enterprise-class antivirus technology.4

Automated nightly data backups

Your hosted data is automatically backed up nightly, and backups are retained for 60 days so if you accidentally delete a file, it may be recoverable.4

Enterprise-level hosting facilities

Your applications and data are kept in top-of-the-line data centers that provide true enterprise-class scalability and reliability, including full-time security personnel, closed-circuit video surveillance, continuous and redundant power systems with backup generators, fully redundant network systems with multiple-backbone access, advanced network firewalls, and hazard avoidance and alert systems.4

Simplified PC maintenance

With your applications running in remotely, you no longer need to install and maintain them on your own computer.

No server or network maintenance required

If you currently store your company data on file servers on your network, you know how much time and money it takes to keep the systems securely patched, scanned for viruses, access-controlled, etc., plus the hassles and risks of making the servers available from remote locations.

You can eliminate the need to have servers and VPNs in your office. Instead, keep your data in a protected data center, and stay focused on your business.

Where will my data be hosted?

Your data will be hosted in Canada in Summit Hosting's Toronto Data Centre.

Microsoft Word and Excel works with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and the hosting service the same way as it does with the desktop version. If you have Microsoft Word and Excel installed, you can export QuickBooks Enterprise reports to Excel and estimates, invoices and statements to Word. If you would like access to those applications over the Internet, you can lease it directly from Summit Hosting for an additional fee.

Why would I want to use a hosting service instead of running QuickBooks at my office?

Lots of reasons, including:

  1. Zero IT startup costs (except for the QuickBooks software itself). No servers or network hardware to buy or set up.
  2. Zero startup delay. No need for network setup, software installation or troubleshooting. You could start using it today!
  3. Zero maintenance costs. Updates and upgrades are done "behind the scenes".
  4. Zero new learning or training for current QuickBooks users. Looks and works just like their current version.
  5. No additional tech support costs. Canadian and US-based support is included with the service. Support for QuickBooks Enterprise is provided by Intuit; technical support for hosting is provided by Summit Hosting.
  6. Access company data anywhere, anytime. See "live" data at all locations at once. Do business from any company location, or any Internet-connected location in the world.
  7. Data protection. Offsite storage at a carrier-grade facility in Canada, automatic daily backups, password-only access to data, and banking-level data encryption during transmission.
  8. Reliability. Availability is provided by an enterprise-level data center and security features, redundant hardware, and is designed to have 24/7 availability.

Do I need to have my own network?

The Internet is the only network you'll need, and if you're reading this, you've already got it!

How safe is my data?

Your data is protected by multiple safeguards.

Account access

  • Each user must log in with his or her unique user ID and password.
  • Permissions can be restricted by user and/or user-role. Access can be limited by data type (e.g., invoices, payroll) and software function (e.g., viewing, data entry, printing, exporting, etc.).

Transmission protection

  • Data is protected from access during transmission by the same level of encryption used by the banking industry for online transactions.4

Data integrity

  • Your files are hosted on Summit Hosting's enterprise-class servers in SOC 1 Type 11 data centers monitored by full-time security personnel and closed-circuit video cameras.
  • Files are automatically backed up daily, the backups are encrypted, and each backup is retained for 60 days. If a file is accidentally deleted, it may be possible to restore it.4
  • You can also execute manual backups, just as with the desktop version, and download them to your local PC for dual-location security.
  • Your hosted data is automatically scanned with enterprise-class antivirus software.4

System availability

  • Summit Hosting meets the industry's highest standard for availability and is designed to have 24/7 availability, thanks to fully redundant network systems with multiple-backbone access, and advanced network firewalls.4
  • The system is continuously monitored, and all updates and upgrades are handled bySummit Hosting IT professionals.

We're a multi-platform company. Does it work on Macs and Linux?

Yes, all Internet connected devices work with Summit Hosting hosting.

How long does it take to learn?

No time at all. It looks and works exactly like the desktop version.

How does the speed compare to running it on my computer?

As with any Internet-based service, you'll need a good-quality, fast Internet connection. While experiences may vary, some customers have noticed improved speed and functionality after switching. In addition, you can increase the number of users with reduced performance loss.

What is the difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise with the Hosting Service?

Both are Internet-accessible solutions, but QuickBooks Online is designed for early-stage businesses that are up and running but do not require advanced features and functionality. QuickBooks Enterprise with the Hosting Service offers advanced functionality for growing, small-to-mid-sized businesses that are managing more complexity and may operate from multiple locations or facilities.

I like the way QuickBooks works with Word and Excel. How does that work with the hosting service?

Microsoft Word and Excel works with QBES and the hosting service the same way as it does with the desktop version. If you have Microsoft Word and Excel installed, you can export QuickBooks Enterprise reports to Excel and estimates, invoices and statements to Word. If you would like access to those applications over the Internet, you can lease it directly from Summit Hosting for an additional fee.

How does it work with my email?

You have several email options. You can use QuickBooks email services, configure QuickBooks to use Web mail, or add Outlook to your Summit Hosting account.6

Will QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service work with Online Banking?

There are no differences in how these services work with QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service. You should expect the same functionality with Online Banking as you do on your local system.

Can I use my credit card scanner and barcode scanner on my computer with QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service?

Yes, with QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service your credit card scanner and barcode scanner will work exactly as they do on your local computer.

What happens to my QuickBooks data if my Internet connection is interrupted?

Absolutely nothing. Every transaction is saved "to the cloud" as soon as you post it. If your connection goes down before you've saved a transaction, you will be alerted that you will not be able to post the transaction until the connection is restored; however, any data you've entered will remain in place on your computer, ready to post, as long as the window remains open.

Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures
  1. Additional fees apply for the QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service subscription. Hosting Service is available for QuickBooks Enterprise only and is valid for number of users equal to or less than the number of QuickBooks Enterprise users assigned to customer's Intuit account. QuickBooks Enterprise sold separately. Terms, conditions, pricing, service and support options are subject to change without notice. See a detailed list of system requirements at
  2. See detailed list of systems requirements at
  3. Based on internal data on 2/22/13 using recommended system requirements.
  4. QuickBooks Enterprise software sold separately; Intuit affiliate, Summit Hosting, uses industry standard data centers and multiple layers of redundancy within its infrastructure to provide 24x7 availability. However, availability can vary, is subject to occasional downtime and may change without notice. Summit Hosting encrypts all backup files and backup tapes. Virtual desktop connections are protected via financial services industry-leading encryption and authentication. Access to each QuickBooks company file is controlled at multiple layers including file access permissions. Security features, functionality and access are subject to change without notice as deemed necessary by Summit Hosting.
  5. Subject to availability of reliable Internet connection.
  6. Please work directly with Summit Hosting to set up hosting for programs outside of QuickBooks Enterprise.