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Top Podcasts for Accountants

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Are you a busy accountant who wants to keep improving your knowledge and skills? One of the best ways to develop accounting skills and knowledge is by listening to podcasts. Here’s a roundup of the best podcasts for accountants that you can listen to when commuting, in your free time, or when relaxing after a busy day. On the other hand, if you’re a student looking to further your education and kickstart your career, these educational tools may be right up your alley. Podcasts often feature interviews, news, technologies, principles, and ideas to help CPAs and other accounting professionals improve their practice. No matter what stage of your accounting career you’re in, podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge.

The ACCA Podcast for Students in Accounting Training

Are you a student in need of study aides to help you become a professional and certified accountant? The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has your back. The ACCA Podcast features a range of topics, including human resource management, environmental accounting, risk in accounting, and ethics – all designed to help you chart a successful career in accounting.

International Accounting Standards Board

Stay up to date on changes and updates in International Financial Reporting Standards with podcasts from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The IASB posts a new podcast after each of its monthly meetings, providing a summary and decisions of the Board, as well as other key events in accounting. You only need a little time to go through these podcasts, as they’re only 10 to 15 minutes long.

Growing Your Firm

Whether you’re an accountant, CPA, tax professional, or bookkeeper, the Growing Your Firm podcast by Jetpack Workflow offers great tips and tactics to grow your business. Topics in this podcast include the #1 place to get highly qualified referrals for your bookkeeping firm, how to retain millennial accountants in today’s firms, and how to create the perfect accounting firm. The podcast features interviews with thought leaders and professionals in accounting and related fields to help turn your passion into career success. As of 2018, the podcast has over 100 episodes.

Canada Revenue Agency Podcasts

Listen to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) podcasts to get the tax-related information you need, especially if you’re a professional accountant or bookkeeper. The agency offers a payroll podcast that provides information about remitting and reporting payroll deductions, as well as your tax obligations as an employer. Listen to the taxable benefits podcast to learn the deductions and benefits you’re entitled to during tax time. What makes this podcast series stand out from the rest is that, instead of listening, you can also download and read the transcripts.

Accounting Best Practices by Steve Bragg

With approximately 2.5 million downloads as of 2018, Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg has an informal yet practical and relevant style that suits a growing accounting business. You can listen to a range of topics, such as accounting standards, accounting technology, payroll, audit, and ethics. All episodes refer to Bragg’s Laws of Accounting and help you improve the operational efficiency of your accounting firm and cut your business costs. You can download past episodes or subscribe for future podcasts at no cost.

The Big 4 Accounting Firms Podcast

The Big 4 Accounting Firms podcast focuses on four top prominent accounting firms, namely Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. This podcast features news about and success stories of these organizations. You can listen to these inspirational podcasts to get tips on how to improve your accounting practice and grow your firm.

Business Cast

A successful accounting career is yours for the taking once you listen to DMZ’s Business Cast podcast, which focuses on building your business, networking, marketing, and other day-to-day business issues. The podcast has a radio-show feel, with a team of hosts, interviewees, and some call-ins.

Archived Podcasts

You may also listen to past podcasts to get inspiration and tips to succeed in your accounting studies and career. Although some of the specific tax or accounting details may be dated, podcasts that address the struggles of small-business owners or how to develop leadership skills feature timeless information.

The Sound of Small Business

The Sound of Small Business podcast is perfect if you’re a professional accountant or small-business owner. Although it uses an interview format, the show feels like storytelling. It offers a blend of inspiration, lessons, and tips from successful Canadian entrepreneurs to help you grow your career.

Leadership and Performance Management

Tune in to the sound of Leadership and Performance Management podcast if you’re already an accountant. This six-part podcast provides points revolving around leadership skills and performance management to help you continue your professional development hours. This show educates you about strategic planning, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, and managing your organization with performance in mind. Once you listen to all six episodes, you can complete a multiple choice quiz to earn two CPD hours and further your career.

The Bean Counter

Be sure to download and listen to The Bean Counter by Andrew Argue if you’re studying accounting, aspiring to be an accountant, or you’re just starting out in an accounting career. This podcast features myriad topics such as balancing life with your school work, tips for negotiating your salary when you begin your career, starting your own accounting firm, and how to network with other accounting professionals. The podcast also features interviews with experienced professionals who inspire you and teach you how to grow your practice. As of 2018, the Bean Counter has over 70 free archived episodes on iTunes.

If you’re an accountant in search of educational or inspirational material to get you through your commute or blend your morning jog with information, these podcasts are a must. Depending where you are in your career, you could download and listen to a variety of podcasts that focus on accounting and business in general to help you improve your practice. Are you professional in search of an app to track and manage your tasks, employees, and clients from one place? QuickBooks Online Accountant offers powerful tools for accounting professionals. Sign up for free.

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