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A Basic Guide to Advertising on Reddit

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Reddit is rapidly taking over social media among the Millennial crowd, so if your target audience is under 30, chances are that they have a Reddit community you want to target. Reddit communities come in the form of subreddits, or smaller forums that are divided by interest. You can purchase ads, called “promoted posts,” that target subreddits and specific interest groups, ensuring that every impression goes to the right set of eyes.


So how do you create a promoted post? It’s simple: check out Reddit’s advertising page, and then take the following steps:

  1. Click the button to create an ad.

  2. Upload a 70-pixel by 70-pixel thumbnail image.

  3. Upload a 1,200-pixel by 628-pixel mobile image.

  4. Enter a title.

  5. Choose the post type: link or text.

  6. Provide your link URL, if applicable.

  7. Choose your audience.

  8. Select your budget and campaign dates.

  9. Submit your ad.

Before your Reddit advertising campaign goes live, it goes through an approval process where a member of the advertising team reviews it for appropriate content. This generally takes 24 hours or so, after which your ad goes live.

Best Practices

What goes into a great Reddit ad? Reddit users consume huge amounts of content on a daily basis, so it’s important to keep your ad concise and make sure it speaks to your target audience. Your thumbnail image and mobile image should be representative of your brand. If you want click-through to your e-commerce shop front, then use your logo. If you want click-through to a specific item for sale, then use an image of that product. All images should be crisp and high-quality for mobile consumption.

Your title text should be concise and straight-to-the-point. For example, “Sarah’s Candle Shop offers 20% off to all redditors with the coupon code REDDIT20” contains all the relevant information: your business name, your product, the promotion and how to get the promotional deal. (Redditors love Reddit-specific deals. If you don’t already have a Reddit-specific coupon, now’s the time to implement one.)

Audience Targeting

Reddit lets you choose your audience in a variety of different ways. Research Reddit’s niche communities and determine which audience is best for your product or brand. You can choose audiences by:

*Subreddit: Target a single, specific community.

*Interest: Target a number of communities that share a common interest.

*Behavior: Target users who behave a certain way and post about certain topics.


Reddit takes a single budget from you, e.g. $10, and applies that to your desired campaign length and CPM bid. You pay for impressions, not clicks, and you choose how much to pay for impressions. If you pay more for impressions, your budget won’t go as far, but you’ll get more impressions, more quickly. Your Reddit advertising campaign can overperform, which means you’ll get more for your money, but you’ll never be charged more than your budget.

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