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What Is Advertainment?

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Is "advertainment" a new word to you? Don’t worry — you’ve already seen it many times. When those Ford trucks chase bad guys on the hit TV series" 24," when Felix Baumgartner jumps from a spaceship to earth in gear covered with Red Bull logos, when "American Idol" judges sip Coca-Cola on set — all of those are examples of advertainment. Even the earliest James Bond movies from the 1960s and ’70s provided opportunities for a wide range of car makers, from Aston Martin to Mercedes-Benz, to showcase their brands, so advertainment isn’t new. But the digital age has let advertises take advertainment to new levels. When you create visual content that incorporates your product, service, or brand, you make an emotional connection with your target audience, which increases your chances of going viral.

Advertainment starts with good storytelling. Start by identifying which of your products or services lend themselves well to storytelling. Say you offer accounting services. A short film that shows how a character solves a serious financial problem using your service lets you entertain and introduce audiences to your service at the same time. You can be overt or subtle with your storytelling, and your product, service, or brand can play a minor or major role in your advertainment piece. Remember, "American Idol" isn’t about Coca-Cola. It’s still a talent contest, but it provides a platform for the brand to be seen worldwide as audiences enjoy the show.

You need high-quality footage to present visually attractive advertainment. Buy a good-quality video camera and a tripod — and some video editing software — if you want to create your advertainment by yourself. For more reliable quality, hire a freelance videographer to create high-end footage.

With so much competition out there, you want audiences to love and share your ads. Tell your target audience a good story, and work in your product, service, or brand to reap the benefits for years to come.

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