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Three Free or Inexpensive Ways to Create Instant Branding for Your New Small Business

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Branding your new small business is an exciting challenge and one that’s essential to getting your startup on its feet. As your company’s identity, your brand represents the values you stand for and how you want the public to view your products. Here are some creative ways to build your company’s brand on a budget.

Understand Your Brand

Before you can create, develop, and market your goods, you need to clearly understand your brand. For example, if you’re selling jackets made of a unique material, your team might have plenty of design ideas, but those aren’t enough. To build you brand, you need a clear goal for your business. You need to know your demographic well enough to pick the jacket designs most likely to reach it. If your customers are bold trendsetters, they probably don’t want the flavor of the year. Similarly, if they have a traditional bent, they’re unlikely to crave the cutting edge.

Try Vehicle Wrap Advertising

One creative branding tactic is vehicle wrap advertising. This method involves putting your company’s name, logo, and slogan on the side of a car. You can use your own car or pay someone who drives regularly a few hundred dollars a month to carry your advertising.

Vehicle wrap advertising has a number of advantages. It’s an effective attention-grabbing tool, so people notice it. It also puts your brand identify in front of people all the time so they become comfortable with it. Another benefit of vehicle wrap advertising is the limited space forces you to craft a brand message that’s short enough customers can remember it and spread it by word-of-mouth.

Use Free Public Relations Marketing

One quick way to establish your brand identity for the public is through free publicity, such as by sending press releases to media outlets that stress your company’s values. Another way to get free publicity is to tell media outlets you’re available to talk about your company or industry. An interview gives you the chance to share your company’s unique message just the way you want it heard.

Use a Company Blog to Cement Your Brand Image

People like to connect with others, especially the faces behind a new brand. Writing a company blog is a great way to make a personal connection with customers while imparting your company’s unique message in the process and fostering loyalty to your brand.

Publishing a company blog is usually free and doesn’t take more effort than writing a few hundred words to your customers per week. A blog has the added benefit of refreshing your company website with content on a regular basis, boosting its position in search engine rankings. A higher search ranking draws more customers to your website and spreads your brand far and wide.

A solid and engaging brand identity is the key to making your new business flourish. Finding creative ways to turn customers into long-term patrons is how you cement your brand so your business can keep growing.

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