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What Is Cross-Merchandising?

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When your retail business wants to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and attract customers, you should use cross-merchandising. This marketing strategy places different items that complement each other in the same area to ensure your customers purchase everything they need all at once. For example, placing batteries near flashlights or remote controls guarantees your customers remember to buy an item they may have otherwise forgotten.

Cross-merchandising helps increase your sales by encouraging customers to purchase complementary items. Placing shoe laces or polish near your footwear reminds your customers of accessories that can enhance their initial purchase. Cross-merchandising encourages impulse buying, which helps boost sales for both items. Positioning ties or cuff links near dress shirts persuades your customers they need additional accessories in order to create a complete look.

An easy way to improve customer satisfaction is to create a one-stop shopping experience. Cross-merchandising helps your customers save time walking around the store searching for items that go together. Not only does cross-merchandising provide solutions to problems your customers may not realize they have, this practice makes shopping simple and convenient. Your customers are more likely to return to your store as a result of an effortless shopping experience. This practice can build customer loyalty.

A store with good cross-merchandising looks neat and organized while offering a visually appealing shopping environment. This persuades your customers to come back and improves your customer’s perception of your brand.

Using cross-merchandising helps attract customers to your business, increases sales, and improves customer satisfaction. Cross-merchandising offers several benefits to your business that can help the financial and brand success of your business.

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