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Maximizing the Benefit of Television Advertisements

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Television remains one of the most effective advertising mediums. Even in the age of DVR and a million distractions during commercial breaks, there’s a reason companies still shell out millions of dollars for air time during the Winter Olympics and the Stanley Cup finals. For growing your brand name and searing it into the heads of consumers, TV ads have no substitute. To make your television ads effective, you need to understand the difference between marketing and branding, as well as how to film your TV spots for maximum impact.

Marketing vs. Branding

Television is most effective for branding. That’s different from marketing, though the two go hand in hand. Branding involves building an image for your company and conveying that image to consumers. Marketing is the process of reaching out to your target market directly and appealing to their specific needs. Because television advertising lacks specificity with regard to who sees your commercials, it’s best used for building your brand and increasing your company’s name recognition. This amplifies your marketing efforts, as customers are more receptive when they’re familiar with your business.

Video and Audio Quality

Unlike print, radio, and email marketing, television offers the unique ability to combine audio and video. This makes it powerful, but only if you put some effort into your commercials and make sure they’re of a high quality. You’ve probably seen those car dealership commercials that air on local stations and look and sound as though they were filmed on a Nokia flip phone from 2003. Invest a little more in the production of your video so it looks professional and paints your company in the best light. Afterwards, when you see your return on investment, you might find that it was totally worth it.


Proper editing can make the difference in your television commercial between appearing amateurish and leaving an impression of professionalism. Just like the videography itself, editing is a task best left to a professional. A good editor can review your video even after you think it’s in final form and show you the places you can tighten it up and make it pack more of a punch. A freelance editor could be a good candidate for the task without breaking the bank, and a few hours of this professional’s services can be well worth the investment, because a higher-quality commercial conveys a better image for your business.

Delivering Your Message

A splashy video with quality production and tight editing is a fantastic start, but equally important is ensuring your message is on point. The biggest thing is to make sure the audience comes away knowing exactly what your business’s name is and what your business does. Everyone has probably seen those TV commercials that are hilarious and catchy and make you laugh, but when they’re over, you realize you don’t even know what was being advertised. Conversely, those TV and radio spots with repetitive jingles may be annoying, but they serve their purpose of drilling a company’s name and phone number into your head.

Conveying Communication Information

In addition to knowing what your business is and what products or services it offers, your audience should know by the end of your commercial where your business is located and how they can contact you. The last thing you want is for customers who’ve seen your commercials to look you up and end up contacting a competitor with a similar name by mistake. Your goal should be for viewers to practically have your business name, location, and phone number memorized after seeing your commercial once. A U.S.-based jeweler called The Shane Company ends all its commercials by repeating the business name, address, and website multiple times. The company gets mocked sometimes, but there are very few people in the local markets who couldn’t tell you its street address. Television advertising is incomparable for building brand identity. By producing quality TV spots and conveying the right information in them, you can amplify your marketing efforts.

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