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How to Help Employees Bond and Get Your Company Name Out There By Sponsoring an Employee Sports Team

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Your focus is on what happens inside the office, but paying attention to extracurricular activities can benefit your employees and your company, too. An alternative to the popular company team building retreat is sponsoring a company sports team. This option encourages team bonding, promotes work-life balance and shows that you value your staff while squeezing in low-cost marketing for your company.

Start by deciding how you want to sponsor a team. Is it a one-time thing, or are you going to sponsor different teams throughout the year? What do you plan to cover financially? A common option is to pay the registration fee for your employee team charged by the league, but you can also choose to cover the cost of any special equipment the team needs to participate. Considering the benefits you get in return, the investment is well worth it.

Outfit all team members with T-shirts featuring the company logo printed on it. This is a great low-cost marketing option to get the word out about your company. While your employees are hitting home runs or shooting free throws, they’re also spreading the word about your organisation. Players on other teams and their fans might see your company’s name and check out your business. Your employees spread the word even more if they stop for dinner after the game still wearing your shirts.

If you plan to offer ongoing sponsorship of various employee sports teams, write a policy to create a uniform way of handling the process. Create a form for employees to complete to get approval for the sponsorship. Decide on cost limits or restrictions on things you cover.

Encouraging your staff to participate in sports helps them stay balanced and well-rounded. If your employees burn themselves out with work, they’re less productive. Blowing off some steam on a regular basis can help them stay healthy physically and mentally in a fun way, which means you have stronger, happier and more productive employees.

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