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Creative, Cool and Unforgettable: Business Card Ideas That Stand Out

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While much of doing business, including making contacts and networking, has gone digital, there is still one inexpensive real-world tool you can utilize for marketing your business: business cards. As a small business entrepreneur, your business card can be one of your most cost-efficient ways to advertise your business. To stand out in an unforgettable way, your business cards need to stand out, too. These cool and creative business card ideas can make potential customers hold onto your card and incline them to share it with others.

Easy Ways to Make your Business Card Stand Out

There are several simple things you can do with your business card design to make it stand out from the pack. Try working some red into your card; cards with red on them are often more effective as attention grabbers.

Another simple step that helps your card make a memorable impression is adding a photo. Photo cards are more unique and help someone looking at your card later connect your face and your name, remembering you and your business. Cards with an image that occupies at least 25% of the card space tend to have more impact.

Consider a vertical card instead of the common horizontal design. Another cool switch from the norm is using a black background, since most business cards use a white background.

Creative Ways to Enhance Your Business Card Design

Using different color schemes, shapes or images on your business card can help with a dynamic design, but it is important to remember not to over do it and make your card unappealing.

Consider using a stencil or cut out design. Another creative design trick is a pop-up or folded card that invites the viewer to examine it more closely. Adding something printed on the back of your card helps – memorable quotes or a visual such as an interest rate chart are just a couple of the possibilities.

Use your business card to enhance your profile and credibility in your profession. One clever business card designer added images of the two books that he’d written. Listing awards received or professional certifications that rise above the norm for your profession are similar ideas.

Enhance the feel of your card by using embossing or extra-thick paper to give it a more substantive feel, or by using a different card material, such as leather.

Anything you add to your card that is related to your business helps to make your card more unforgettable. For example, a winery might add what looks like a wine stain left from placing a wineglass down on the card.

Using Your Card Effectively

Once you’ve got your new, high-impact card, share it with people who have your old card. It’s a great excuse to touch base with them. Avoid just handing out your card indiscriminately; take time to establish at least a minimal rapport or a connection before your card.

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