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Tips for Stretching a Lean Advertising Budget

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Marketing your small business does not need to break the bank. Your startup business may have a lean advertising budget, so it’s prudent to allocate those dollars to campaigns that offer optimal value. As the digital age advances, it is imperative that you utilize social media and inexpensive endeavours to grow your business. Many online platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, offer cost-free approaches to promote products and services to prospective and existing customers. Instagram allows retail business owners to post high-quality photos of goods, accompanied by descriptive captions aimed at engaging potential buyers. Your Instagram followers can leave comments or questions, letting you receive valuable insight into customer needs and preferences. User accounts are free. Your time is the only investment needed to establish a presence on this platform that averages more than 500 million users who share 95 million photos or videos per day. Facebook, with 1.6 billion users, is an ideal site to host customer contests. You can enter each customer who likes your post into a drawing for rewards, such as discounts or giveaways. Sharing of posts between Facebook friends has a synergistic effect, spreading your message to circles of prospects who you could not reach on your own. Other than the low costs involved with ads, coupons and free samples, digital advertising puts minimal strain on a marketing budget. In addition, you can do it yourself, avoiding the need to outsource or retain information technology professionals. Time and creativity are the only prerequisites.

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