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Ways to Boost Your Small Business Ad Click-Through Rates

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If your online small business utilizes pay-per-click ads as part of your overall marketing strategy, then the click-through rate for your ads is a very important metric. Increasing your click-through rate means more people actually visiting your site, giving you a good chance of converting them from website visitors to customers. A higher click-through rate translates into lower cost-per-click, making your PPC ads a more lean marketing technique and giving you a better return on investment for your advertising dollars spent. Tweak your PPC ads to get more click-throughs.

The Basics of Pay-per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is one of the most widely used forms of online marketing. In essence, you pay for ads to generate visitors to your website rather than relying on organically produced website traffic.

The most common form of this type of advertising is search engine PPC advertising, where you can buy or bid for prime listing placement with search engines according to keywords you select. Your paid listing usually appears either to the right of the top search results, or as one of the top search results. (When you see the first few results that come up in an internet search all marked “Ad,” that’s PPC advertising.) You pay the search engine a fee each time someone clicks on your ad, sending them to your website.

You can also employ PPC advertising on other websites when those websites post Google AdWords ads, the kind of ads you typically see in small boxes on pages on various websites. For example, if your online retail business sells floor finishing products, you might run PPC ads on websites of interior design firms.

Improving Your CTR

Boost your CTR is by adding review extensions to your ad listing. An example of a review extension would be adding, after the brief meta description of your company, something such as, “Best Quality Products for the Price,” quoting either a satisfied customer or a business reviewer such as a trade journal. Adding review extensions to your PPC ads can improve CTR by 10 to 60%.

Try including the main keyword for your ad in the URL of your listing. For example, if you bid to have your listing show up when someone searches for piano lessons, then instead of your URL simply being www.musichouse.com, make it www.musichouse.com/pianolessons. This gives searchers more confidence that your listing is directly relevant to what they’re looking for, making them more likely to click on your ad than they would be if you used a more generic URL.

Bidding on keywords that have less competition can also boost your CTR. One study found the CTR for low-competition keyword phrases was 11 to 43% higher than the CTR for high-competition keyword phrases. The trick to finding less competitive keyword phrases is targeting a small niche rather than the broad, overall market. For example, instead of bidding on the keyword phrase “financial planning,” target your ad with the keyword phrase “financial planning for women.”

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