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Do What’s Below Your Pay Grade

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As an entrepreneur with a startup, you handle everything from product development to office cleanup. With growth comes new employees who handle those day-to-day tasks that keep the company running but aren’t necessarily your favourite parts of the job. So why should you empty the trash, brew a pot of coffee, or handle a low-priority client occasionally? Pitching in to do things below your pay grade shows your employees you’re part of the team, and that can go a long way to keep up morale. Your time is valuable when you’re running a company, but occasionally helping out in other areas helps you connect with your employees and find out what’s really going on at all levels of the company. Employees feel valued when you take time to interact with them and learn about the things they’re dealing with at the moment. Experience in all aspects of your business gives you a well-rounded view of operations, which can help you make more informed decisions. If it’s been a while since you’ve made a sales call, pick up the phone to remind yourself what it’s like. Your employees respond more positively to feedback when they see you actually doing the tasks they do. It’s tough to argue that a cold-calling method doesn’t work if you prove it does work by placing a call yourself. Working in the trenches is a great way to build trust and open lines of communication with your staff. Another reason to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty is simply to stay grounded. As your business grows, it’s easy to get caught up in the CEO mindset. Scrubbing the occasional toilet or filing paperwork is a good reminder that all employees have value, and you aren’t above those jobs just because you run the company. Connect with your staff and keep your finger on the pulse of the company by doing everything in the company occasionally. Increased morale and more effective communication with staff keep your company running smoothly.

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