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Sleep Study: How Not Getting Enough Sleep Is Bad for Business

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Many people consider long working hours and sleepless nights to be the pathway to business success. As it turns out, the opposite is true. Lack of sleep may cause you to have negative responses to the people who matter most, your team, customers, and clients, and damage your prospects for success. Getting enough sleep gives you the energy and positive outlook needed to make your business thrive, so getting to bed on time daily is something to prioritize whether you’re a new or seasoned entrepreneur.

Direct Impact on Business

The way you communicate with people has a lot to do with your success. Without adequate sleep, you run the risk of losing your ability to listen to people, evaluate their needs, and respond to them in positive ways to get things done, which is what’s expected of you as a leader. Imagine a client or customer comes to you with a problem, but you’re too tired to listen. You may end up interpreting the problem as an attack, and then respond in a negative way. If such a thing happens, you lose the customer’s business and possibly the business of others if the customer shares the bad experience on social media. Getting enough sleep regularly can help you maintain the positive attitude needed to move your business and its people forward. As a business leader, your mind has to be sharp enough to come up with lots of new ideas to keep your team inspired and motivated. The mental sharpness that comes from getting enough sleep also helps you make sound judgments about your team’s creativity, which helps you guide team members as they innovate for your business. Being well-rested also helps you avoid errors, which is critical whether you handle your own bookkeeping or work closely with an accountant who handles your books for you.

Your Overall Health and Well-Being

You need to feel physically well and strong to meet the daily challenges of managing your business. Not getting enough sleep could result in you constantly feeling physically unwell, and you may want to stay home when you should be at work. If you show up for work tired, your productivity may suffer. By contrast, a positive outlook and general feelings of well-being are the result of a good sleep. Getting to bed on time nightly can also help regulate your moods, which helps you be a better boss and business associate.

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as you think when you’ve been working all day. Leaving the office in a timely manner is a start, as is having a good mattress. If eating a snack before you go to bed helps you sleep, consider a pro-sleep snack like turkey breast or a whole grain cracker and a spoonful of cottage cheese. Taking a warm, but not hot, shower can also help you fall asleep. Consider turning off your electronic devices before going to bed. This can be a challenge in the digital age when business people feel compelled to be online around the clock. Unfortunately, the blue light that cellphones, tablets, and computers emit wrecks havoc on sleep, so stashing those devices and reading an entertaining book instead can help you fall asleep and stay asleep for a few hours. Sleep, like money, is an important business asset. Getting into the habit of going to bed on time and having several hours of uninterrupted sleep can ensure your longevity in business.

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