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How to Land Your First Gig as a Consultant

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The fast-growing consulting industry offers satisfying and lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs, but landing your first gig isn’t always easy. Follow these steps to jump-start your career as a consultant.

  1. Establish your credibility. Whether you’re entering the field of management consulting or selling your services as a party planner, a successful consultant should be an expert in his field. Consider furthering your education, earning certifications or participating in workshops to stay on top of new trends.
  2. Define your market. Think about the type of business or individual who would most benefit from the service you offer. Are your potential clients small business owners, human resource managers, legal firms or middle-aged homemakers?
  3. Promote your services. Tailor your marketing efforts to reach your potential clients. Introduce yourself to local businesses, attend networking events related to your field, or create a direct mail campaign to target specific demographic areas.

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