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Immigrated to Canada and Want to Start a Bilingual Business? Improve Your English and French for Free

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Canadian immigrants that are permanent residents and protected persons can take free English and French language classes, which can help your business thrive. These are the country’s two official languages, and learning both can help you better communicate with your employees and customers.

The process is simple. You can take an online assessment before you arrive in the country. This way, you know your skill level ahead of time. Then, you get a formal assessment, register and take the class.

These classes are taught by experienced teachers. Taught at different levels, there are literacy and language classes to help you read and write English or French. Classes are also available for job-specific skills to help you in your business. You have a lot of flexibility, with either online classes or those that are held at a physical location. Classes are also offered during different time periods, including days, evenings, and weekends, making it easy to find one that fits your schedule. Some locations even offer child care, transportation, and classes for people with special needs.

Language skills are particularly important in some regions, such as the province of Quebec. The province has eight million people, with 85% claiming French as their first language. This means it is imperative to know at least some French if you plan to do any business in Quebec. In fact, all workers are entitled to receive communication from their employers in French. Labels, signs, and marketing materials also must be in French.

Taking language classes is an easy and cheap way for you to get acclimated to Canada. Getting comfortable with either French or English helps you assimilate into the culture, which can boost your business prospects.

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