Aaron Orendorff

Aaron Orendorff

Aaron Orendorff is the Global Deputy Editor at the QuickBooks Resource Center and the founder of iconiContent — a strategic agency "saving the world from bad content" His work has appeared on Mashable, CMI, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc., Success Magazine, The Next Web, and more. Previously, Aaron was the Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus, the enterprise ecommerce platform of choice for the world's fastest-growing digitally native brands as well as DTC sites for GE, Nestlé, and The New York Times.


Sustainability, ‘small’ business, and love of the craft: Earth Day 2019

On the north coast of Cornwall, England—a half-day ride southwest of London along the Great Western Railway—lies Perranporth: population 3,188. There, behind a wrought-iron fence, within a 1,500 square-foot workshop, is Gavin Christman. Whirs, scrapes, and taps surround him. The sounds of his craft. “When I worked at Dyson,” says Gavin, “I used to travel […]

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