How the Low Value of the Canadian Dollar Helps the Tourism Industry

Learn how the devaluation of the Canadian dollar actually helps improve the domestic tourism industry by giving international visitors greater spending power within Canada.

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A Crowdfunding Cornucopia: the NCFA Canadian Online Funding and Investing Directory

Learn about the National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association's Canadian Online Funding and Investing Directory, and discover how you can use it to find crowdfunding resources for your small business.

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What Is an Attach Rate?

Learn what an attach rate is, and discover how your small business can use this calculation to measure the success of the business and of different marketing and sales strategies.

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How Does NAFTA Impact Your Small Business?

Learn about the possible changes to NAFTA, and how they might affect your small business in Canada. Find out how to prepare your company to weather the changes in North American trade regulation.

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Self-Employed Retirement: Old Age Security, Savings Plans, and Pensions

Learn how the Old Age Security program and the Canada Pension Plan are different. Find out who is eligible for each program, and learn how and when you should apply for benefits.

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