Greg DePersio

Greg DePersio

Greg DePersio has over 10 years of experience in finance. He did his undergraduate work in English and graduate work in accounting. His background includes internal audit and investment real estate. Additionally, Greg has served as a consultant for several financial firms, providing search engine optimized website content, sales, and marketing materials, and editing services.


Simplify Closing the Deal With Closing Folders Software for Lawyers

Simplify your legal process, eliminate paper waste, save on gas and travel, and improve client relations by bringing Closing Folders into your law practice. This cloud-based program takes the messiness out of closing deals and makes your life as a lawyer easier.

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What You Should Know About the Reverse Pitch

Discover new business ideas, come up with fresh new ideas, develop relationships, and gain funding and new business partners by soliciting a reverse pitch from a large corporation, venture capitalist, or other prominent organization in your community.

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Different Ways to Successfully Position Your Small Business

Carve out a niche for your small business and build a devoted customer base by figuring out the best way to position your products or services. Positioning is a highly effective marketing strategy that lets small business owners identify what they're best at and promote these qualities to prospective customers.

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Handling Wages and Benefits Owed to Deceased Employees

Understand how to handle wages, salaries, benefits, and other monies owed to a recently deceased employee. Learn what rights the employee's survivors have regarding workers' compensation.

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How to Conquer the Critical Stages of the Sales Cycle

Conquer the steps of the sales cycle, and you are sure to succeed in any business venture. This article details the most critical steps of the cycle, which means all of them.

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Crowdfunding Options for Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Diversify your portfolio with commercial real estate holding. With crowdfunding, you can invest in commercial real estate even if you lack substantial capital or investing experience.

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Are Your Employment Contract Termination Clauses Clear and Enforceable?

Learn what makes an employment contract termination clause clear and enforceable, and review the details of an important Canadian court case which sheds light on the issue.

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Introducing Clients to Changes in New Revenue Recognition Standards

Help your clients understand the new international accounting laws governing when they can recognize revenue, and make sure they appreciate the complexity of the new requirements.

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