J.B. Maverick

J.B. Maverick

A former commodity futures broker and stock market analyst, J.B. Maverick has been an active trader since 2001. He has written extensively on trading, finance, and business. In addition to authoring hundreds of articles on stock, futures, and forex investing, he is also a published novelist. Mr. Maverick's varied background includes work as a rape crisis counselor and book editor. Besides financial articles, he also writes political, social and religious commentary.


The Art of Upselling and Cross-Selling Your Way to Bigger Profits

Find out how to increase revenues and profitability for your small business while also strengthening customer relationships through upselling and cross-selling.

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Juggling Your Part-time Business With Full-time Work and Life

Learn how to better balance and manage your life when you're still working a full-time job and working part time on starting a business.

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Grant Writer for Your Small Business

Take a look at the relative pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, of hiring a grant writer to help your small business obtain funding.

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Facts Employers Need to Know Before Terminating a Worker

Discover what constitutes termination, the specifics of termination notification, and when you can provide termination pay instead of notification.

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Get Potential Clients to Value Your Work More by Removing Their Price Anchor

Find out how to remove preset price anchors that potential clients have in their head, and get them to pay what your professional services are worth.

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How Automation Will Affect Small Business

Understand how automation affects your small business and produces greater opportunity to quickly and efficiently expand your business.

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DIY Photography Series: 3 Tips for Real Estate Listing Photos That Really Sell

Discover these three secrets to taking better DIY listing photos for your small real estate business.

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