Promoting Your Business with Videos for Mobile

Get your business in the mobile market through video promotion. Interested customers can tune in at any moment and refer to your expertise. With mobile videos, your business is virtually everywhere.

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Use Reverse Mentoring To Tap Into New Sales Channels

Advancing technology shifts the traditional model for training staff. With reverse mentoring, your company can foster cross-generational relationships that help your employees and your company grow.

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How to Become More Decisive

Build confidence and credibility by becoming more decisive. Small business owners reap massive benefits by taking decisive action and removing the shackles of indecision.

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Conduct Your Own Market Based Research Before Asking A Mentor To Help With Sales Growth

Get the most out of your mentor meeting by preparing yourself with market-based research. When you already know the basics, you're ready to absorb more complex and intricate ideas.

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How to Keep Clients and Gain New Ones When You Relocate Your Business

Retain your current clients when relocating your Canadian small business, and grow your customer base after the move. With proper planning and a technological twist, you can flourish in your new location.

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Use Multi-Channel Storytelling to Appeal to Donors

Discover the best ways to share your story and appeal to new donors with multi-channel storytelling. Multi-channel storytelling enables you to reach your target audience in the optimal way.

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The Relationship Between Food Choices and Job Productivity

Pay attention to your nutrition to elevate your work performance. Enhance productivity at the office with the right food choices: before, during, and after your leave your desk. Find out the best foods for snacking and meals, and learn the importance of hydration.

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