What Is a Proxy?

Allow all shareholders to represent their opinions on important company issues with proxy voting options, including using an authorized person as a proxy and remote voting methods.

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Keeping the Momentum Going After Your New Product Launches

Push to keep the momentum going after you launch your latest product to increase sales. Following up with valuable content, targeted communication, and additional events helps you reach your launch sales goals.

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Improving the Success of Your Retail Store Sales for Holidays or Other Events

Promote your holiday sales with effective strategies to increase customer attendance and sales. Offering exclusive in-store discounts, collaborating with nearby businesses, and promoting online help improve the sale's success.

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Maintaining Your Office Business During a Remodel

Create a plan to handle business operations smoothly during an office remodel. Finding a temporary location and keeping everyone informed on progress helps minimize the disruption to your operations.

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Offering Coupons Without Losing All Your Profits

Boost sales and find new customers by offering coupons and special deals. Placing restrictions on how customers use coupons and using the deals as a way to collect information improves the results.

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How to Keep Up With Product Demand as Your Handmade Business Grows

Streamline the processes in your handmade business to keep up with increasing demands for your creative pieces. Faster tools, outsourced tasks, and more studio space can help you scale your creative business.

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Small Business How-to: Market a Small Business Mobile App

Promote your small business app to boost the number of downloads it receives. Reaching customers through email, blogging, videos, and other methods helps increase awareness in a crowded app market.

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YouTube Can Transform Your Small Business Into an Industry Leader

Produce quality videos for your small business YouTube channel to introduce your company to new people, define yourself as an industry leader, build a community, and increase your sales.

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