How to Write an About Us Page That Attracts Customers

Create an About Us page that offers insight into your business, reflects your company's branding, and helps customers feel connected to you in some way to help improve your results.

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Introduce Weekly Business Meetings to Strengthen Your Company’s Culture

Organize weekly business meetings to keep everyone on the same page, boost morale, and keep your company culture at the heart of everything you do. Ensure the meetings are focused and purposeful to keep your overall productivity high.

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Small Business Terms: What Is Data Mining?

Implement data mining techniques in your small business to offer a personalized experience for customers and make changes to your overall business operations to improve sales.

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Trending: E-Commerce Advances in North America

Implement the latest e-commerce trends into your retail business to keep your sales high. Augmented reality, photo shopping, mobile checkout, and voice searches top the features that shape the retail market.

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Using Fitbit to Establish an Employee Fitness Challenge

Inspire your employees to take more steps by creating a step challenge at the office. Incentives and the friendly competition to take more steps than your colleagues can improve employee fitness and boost morale.

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Long-Term Planning: Implementing Strategy Map

Develop a strategy map to visualize your company-wide objectives. By drawing out the goals in an easy-to-read diagram, you give all employees a way to understand how different pieces work together to create success.

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Tips for Making Employee Training Fun and Engaging to Maximize Effectiveness

Offer learning opportunities that keep your employees engaged and having fun to give them knowledge and experience they can implement. Customization and interactive opportunities help increase excitement about learning opportunities.

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Why You Should Become an Independent Paralegal

Offer legal services without earning your law degree with a paralegal licence in Ontario. If you meet the education, testing, licencing, and character requirements, you can start your own paralegal practice without supervision from a lawyer.

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