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Small Business Bookkeeping From Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

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Today’s small business owners, independent contractors and startup entrepreneurs tend to live their lives on the go. A fast-paced and innovative market environment means products and services have to get to customers quickly and inexpensively. If they aren’t careful, however, mobile business owners can neglect important back-office tasks, such as accounting or customer relationship management.

Smartphone-based mobile business apps have matured with the times. If you tend to conduct transactions, meetings or other business services on the road, look out for platforms and applications that make your life easier and make your business more efficient.

Mobile Cloud Accounting: The Big One

Small business owners can’t afford to ignore accounting, but so much accounting work is either tedious or intimidating, or both – especially for those who lack strong accounting backgrounds.

Mobile accounting apps let small business owners cater to their customers and deal with their business needs from anywhere. Owners can prepare and produce estimates, receipts, discounts and invoices, and they can log new information without having to duplicate effort on the back end.

The Many Benefits of Mobile Cloud Accounting

The strongest benefits of cloud-based mobile accounting tend to focus around three areas: speed, flexibility and functionality. While these strengths may exist in some non-cloud, non-mobile accounting systems, there are some applications that those systems really can’t replicate, such as:

  • Access from anywhere

  • Integration with other apps and software

  • Fast updates and bug fixes

  • Better and more secure backup

  • Moves with you between devices

  • More time to get your product into the hands of customers

Small business owners who are on the go don’t have to worry about wading through a bunch of different screens or learn complicated accounting terminology. The best mobile accounting apps prioritize ease of use. An entrepreneur can send and save invoices, update sales data, add new customers and accept payments, all from a smartphone.

Of course, not every accounting function can be completed at the point of sale, but every little bit completed on the front end means less work on the back end.

Business owners can devote more time to working, rather than having to spend an hour on the computer after they get home from work each day to stay on top of accounting. The convenience and comfort are challenging to quantify, but they are some of the most attractive benefits of modern-day accounting tools.

Integration with Square

Square – which has turned out to be a revolutionary retail app for mobile devices – allows anyone with a tablet or smartphone to accept credit cards. The app is free (no monthly fees, no signup) and only requires a small plug-in processor that attaches directly to the phone.

Recently, some mobile accounting platforms work in unison with Square. This allows them to import transaction details automatically and on the go. For example, QuickBooks users can download the Sync with Square app, which calculates sales, taxes, fees and tips automatically and uploads them to the QuickBooks software.

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