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Best Branding Tactics for Your Business

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Your brand is more than just your business name and logo. It’s the products and services you offer, how you interact with your clients and customers, and the way that you present yourself to the world. Consider the following tactics to boost your small business or personal brand to get more people to do business with you.

Launch a Blog

Creating a blog and publishing content regularly is a cost-effective branding tactic, especially for new small businesses, freelancers or independent professionals with slim marketing budgets. Creating content with a consistent tone on subjects that your readers care about – and that you’re passionate about – can spread your branding message. When creating blog content – which can be videos, photos, podcasts or articles – stay on message, so you don’t confuse your audience. For example, if you’re a life coach, your blog content should be all about helping people achieve their goals.

Create Unique Customer Experiences

Your client and customer interactions are a branding tactic that works well whether you’re a solopreneur or have a staff. If you have employees, for example, you might encourage them to refer to all clients or customers by their first names.

Showing concern for your clients or customers by asking them key questions about the products and services they’re seeking is a branding tactic, as is thanking them for their business. Make following up part of your branding tactic by sending surveys or emails asking customers or clients for feedback about their experiences with your business.

Play on Emotions

Emotions help consumers connect with brands. Think of ways to spark emotions in your target market. For example, if baby boomers are your target market, a logo in vintage lettering may evoke nostalgia and inspire leads and sales. You can also produce images and videos relevant to your business for social media that tug at your followers’ heartstrings.

Colors are a highly effective way to inspire emotions. In your branded content, consider using strong colors such as red to create a sense of urgency, blue to spark emotions among people who want to feel safe, or green to attract people focused on good health and the environment.

Offer Value Over Discounts

Pricing is a branding tactic. Offering deep discounts to get sales may confuse and turn away potential consumers. Instead, offer value.

Distinguish yourself from your competition and point out the things that you do better. For example, if your competitors responds to customer inquiries in hours, respond in minutes. If your competition sells sandwiches with six topping choices, offer 12 choices.

You can also use your billing methods to create value. Where your competition may require full payment for goods and services up front, consider allowing customers to make partial upfront payments. Offering a range of payment options, such as mobile and online payments, can also make your brand stand out.

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