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4 Things to Consider When Starting a Virtual Call Centre Business

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A virtual call centre is a relatively inexpensive small business that can be quick to start. Small businesses continue to look for ways to reduce costs and streamline their operations by outsourcing; a virtual call centre provides an ideal solution to help meet this need.

Type of Calls

Analyze your target customers to determine what kind of calls your business is going to process. You could take inbound calls to help small businesses with their customer service activities. For example, you may process orders or provide technical information about a product. You might specialize in outbound calls, which could consist of conducting surveys or selling merchandise. Starting a web-enabled call centre could help you take advantage of the growing number of companies engaging with their customers online. For instance, when a customer requests support on a website, a call is generated through to your call centre.


Before deciding on a location, consider your needs. Will you work alone or hire a small team? If you are working solo, you could work from a home office. Dedicate a room for your business that’s quiet and free from interruptions. If you intend to hire a team, do you require them to work in a centralized location? If so, you could lease or rent office space to conduct your operations. To help reduce overhead costs, consider working from a coworking space; this would allow your team to work together and provide access to modern office facilities such as meeting rooms, photocopiers, and reception areas.

Infrastructure and Software

Discuss your infrastructure needs with a telecommunications consultant. Ask for guidance about your bandwidth requirements and what telephone system you should use to suit your needs. For instance, should you use standard phone lines, or would Voice over Internet Protocol technologies such as Skype and Viber be more appropriate? When selecting software, consider purchasing an automated call distributor to distribute incoming calls to your team, an interactive voice response system to gather callers’ information and route calls to particular team members, and a predictive dialer, which helps improve your team’s productivity by automatically connecting your representatives to answered calls. Financial software can help you streamline functions such as invoicing and payroll.

Marketing Activities

Use the technology in your call centre to conduct marketing activities. Give a short, succinct sales pitch to your targeted customers. Focus on the benefits that your virtual call centre business provides. For instance, if you are targeting small businesses, you could highlight how your service frees up time to focus on other aspects of the business. Offer your existing customers a referral discount for recommending your business. For example, you could provide a 20% fee reduction for a recommendation that results in a new client. Make use of social media; hold contests and give customers incentive to like and share your promotions. You can start a virtual call centre relatively cheaply, making it an appealing business to operate. Before launching your enterprise, think about the type of calls you want to process, a suitable location, the infrastructure and software you require, and marketing activities that help attract new customers.

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