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What Are “Field Services”?

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Field services is a common term in business because it covers many different types of work. It’s important to understand what constitutes field services to ensure that you classify everyone who works for you correctly and keep accurate records.

As its name suggests, field services refers to working out in the field, which means away from the office on location or at many different locations. Those in field services are mobile workers, and these types of roles typically involve going to clients or potential clients and either making sales or performing services. If a company believes a product is best sold in person, it could hire salespeople as field workers to perform face-to-face marketing and sales. The traditional door-to-door salesman is an example. People who work on job sites also qualify. This includes service technicians who go to a customer’s home, as well as construction workers. While field services usually refers to employees, it can also refer to independent freelance workers who are either hired by a business to go to a job site or hired by a client at a job site.

A company can have both its sales team and service team working in field services. For example, a plumbing company could have face-to-face salespeople to sell customers new equipment, and plumbers to install and service the equipment. In situations such as this, the business needs to have its field services employees on the same page to present a professional image. If a salesperson is pushing a product to a customer that the service technician later tells the customer is unnecessary, it makes the business look bad.

Field services is a broad category, but it’s simple enough to determine whether a job qualifies by where the worker spends the bulk of their time every day.

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