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Four Independent Business Ideas That Involve Working With Elders

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Roughly 16% of Canadians were 65 or older in 2015. This age group is growing four times faster than the population as a whole, creating a variety of business opportunities for people who enjoy working with senior citizens.

Gardening Service

Seniors may require additional help to manage their gardens. You could open a gardening business to provide help with physically demanding gardening work, such as mowing lawns, weeding, and creating garden beds. If you want your home gardening service to generate income in the colder months, think about offering gardening-related services that seniors need assistance with during the fall and winter. For instance, you could rake leaves, set up exterior Christmas lights, and shovel snow from driveways.

Housecleaning Service

You could start a housecleaning business that helps seniors with vacuuming, mopping floors, and other cleaning tasks. Many elderly citizens need assistance with these chores on a weekly basis, which helps your business generate a consistent income. Consider bringing your own cleaning equipment and materials; this allows you to provide a high level of service even if your clients don’t have what you need to perform the job. You could increase your revenue by offering a premium cleaning service that includes extras, such as cleaning windows and fireplaces. You want to cover your housecleaning business with insurance for personal injury and accidental property damage.

Home-Minding Service

Many Canadians retire at 65 and spend more time travelling. Think about starting a house-minding service to keep things in order while they are away. An elderly couple has a two-month world cruise booked may need someone to collect mail, take out the garbage, and feed their pets for the duration of their vacation. You could arrange to visit a client’s house each evening and switch the lights on to give the impression someone is home if they have fears about the security of their property. As an extra service, you could offer to do clients’ grocery shopping before they return home.

Technology Handyperson

Some seniors may find technology overwhelming. You could open a handyperson business that focuses on helping seniors manage technology in their homes. This service could include setting up internet connections and installing smart appliances. Consider providing an advice service as part of your business. You might suggest what smart television suits a client’s particular needs or the most appropriate phone and internet package for them. You could also provide a tutoring service to help your customers use technology. If you’ve installed a new computer for a client, you could show the person how to bookmark web pages or use word processing software. There is a growing demand for services that assist seniors in Canada. Independent businesses that make life more convenient and help manage this population’s day-to-day lives are an ideal option if you enjoy working with the elderly.

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