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Love Dogs? These Ideas Can Turn Your Love into a Small Business

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In North America, consumers’ love for their pets has become increasingly evident. The pet care and services segment in both Canada and the United States is a booming billion-dollar industry, with plenty of opportunities for new small businesses to establish themselves. In 2012, Canadians spent nearly $7 billion on their pets, and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada reports that this number is projected to rise in the coming years. High pet food sales numbers, along with growing interest in nonmedical pet services, have created Canada’s expansive 2014 pet market, a market that has steadily and substantially expanded since 2009. PIJAC also expects that continued momentum with premium and super-premium nonmedical pet care products to send Canadian pet market sales rocketing past $9 billion by 2019. With such strong momentum in the pet care segment, and ample amounts of revenue to be made, this may be a great time for you to consider turning your love of dogs into a lucrative and enjoyable small business.


For many animal lovers, pets are considered family members and leaving animals alone during the day is out of the question. Opening a daycare center for these pets is potentially a great way to make money. Depending on the resources you have available, such as funds for food, treats, and toys, as well as the amount of space you have to house the pets for the day, the number and variety of animals you can care for will vary. Dogs are the most common household pet in the world, so running a daycare strictly for canines doesn’t necessarily restrict your potential profits. Keep in mind that space for activities and bathroom use must be considered, and you may need to add employees to provide adequate care for a large number of pups.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another possible pet business, similar to daycare, but offering more flexibility. If you have your own space, pet owners can drop off their pets with you while they run errands. If you don’t have space of your own, you can travel to your clients’ homes to care for their pets. If you’re looking to double your revenue sources, consider making your company a combination pet and house sitting business. By offering both services, you have a larger potential customer base, and by separating the services, you have a justification for charging extra for including pet care when someone wants to hire you to house sit.

Obedience Classes

If you have the skills to train dogs or other pets, there are few limits on how much you can earn. Pet owners are generally willing to shell out substantial amounts of cash to anyone who can turn their pet into a well-behaved and obedient member of the family. This type of business is not necessarily restricted by space because you can simply have attendees meet you in a park or other free public space, or you can rent the use of a larger indoor venue for the days and times when you hold your pet obedience classes.

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