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Start a Business With These Trending Service-Based Options

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Starting a new business is a daunting prospect, especially with heavy competition in established fields. Fortunately, with new technologies and customers that increasingly value timesaving convenience, there are more opportunities than ever to find yourself a new niche in the service industry. If you can help clients out in ways they can’t effectively help themselves, you can earn customer loyalty and build your business through customer referrals. Here are some ideas for trending businesses well placed to grow over the coming decade.

Drone-Related Video Business

The advent of inexpensive electronics gives entrepreneurs more options than ever for creating unique businesses, including drone-related video services. Some possibilities to consider when starting a drone-related video business include aerial surveying, inspecting pipelines and electrical wires, real estate photography, and capturing footage of local sporting events. Many hobby-size remote-controlled drones require no special training for use, and these compact units typically already have mounted cameras, making it simple to acquire the tools of your trade with a minimal investment.

Pet Daycare and Grooming

Many pet owners hate to leave their furry friends home alone while traveling for business or vacation, but some owners, especially in bigger cities without adequate exercise space, want options for taking pets to daycare while they work or run errands. To offer these types of services to customers, you need a large, secure space for bigger animals to play, with safe spaces for small animals to run and romp worry-free. To extend your profit, offer grooming services along with pet babysitting. Another option is a mobile grooming business that lets you take your talents to your customers, showing them your willingness to literally go the extra mile to save them valuable time. This type of business typically requires a van big enough to accommodate a grooming table and washing facilities. By adding brand and contact information to the side of your van, you can turn your workplace into a mobile billboard.

Social Media Coaching

Maintaining a social media presence is often a tough skill for business owners to master, but it proves lucrative to businesses that manage to create well-trafficked profiles that engage customer interests. Use your social media skills to help business owners create Facebook pages and Instagram feeds that pop and craft photo- and video-driven posts that drive optimal customer engagement. You can also help professionals connect with their networks by helping them construct LinkedIn profiles that spotlight their special skills and talents, which helps them get a leg up when wooing clients or searching for better jobs. Finding your small business niche can seem daunting, but by choosing service-based options in new fields with growing customer bases, it can be easier to attract new clients and customers. By focusing efforts on these emerging markets, you can achieve the success you crave while creating strong customer loyalty in these exciting new service-based fields.

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