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Appetizing Appeal: 4 Tips for Choosing Uniforms for Your Restaurant Crew

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Considering how hectic it gets running a restaurant, it’s easy to put uniforms on the back burner and just tell your employees to dress professionally. But you’re missing out on a big-time branding opportunity if you do that because a uniform can reinforce your company’s brand every time a customer sees it. Keeping a few tips in mind can help you find the right uniforms for your restaurant.

Match the Uniform to Your Restaurant’s Style

What kind of image do you want your restaurant to project? Your restaurant’s uniform needs to match that image, otherwise it’s going to have an inconsistent style that confuses your customers. Just imagine an expensive restaurant with an upscale vibe that has its servers in polo shirts. The uniforms wouldn’t match the rest of the restaurant, which could negatively affect the customer’s dining experience. Whatever you’re going for with your restaurant, make sure the uniforms fit in seamlessly. If you have a casual, fast food spot, go with more casual clothing. A trendy restaurant should have a uniform with a bit of an edge. For fine dining, you need sharp, elegant uniforms.

Choose an Effective Color Scheme

Your restaurant’s uniforms need to use the same colors as its logo and other branding materials, but that doesn’t mean they need to look like a carbon copy of those branding materials. You can adjust how much of each color you use to give the uniform its own unique style. The McDonald’s uniforms that came out in 2005 are the perfect example, with a red, yellow, and black color scheme that fit its brand without being too loud or over the top. The Tim Hortons uniform also works well for its brand, with a classic, instantly recognizable black-and-brown look.

Provide Different Uniforms to Fit Each Position

You don’t want your managers, servers, and busboys to all have the same uniform because customers may have a difficult time telling them apart. While every position should have a uniform that’s formal enough for your restaurant’s style, your managers should wear the most formal uniforms. With servers and busboys, make sure the uniforms you choose match the demands of each job because employees in those positions need to be comfortable while moving around and carrying stacks of dishes.

Stick to One Uniform Supplier

Even when you’re getting different uniforms for each position in your restaurant, it’s best to find one uniform supplier and use it for all your uniform needs. By placing larger orders with one supplier, you’re more likely to get lower wholesale rates, allowing you to stock up on uniforms and keep your hiring costs down. You also avoid the inconsistencies that can occur when uniforms are designed by different suppliers, such as colors that aren’t quite the same. The right uniforms enhance the experience that your restaurant provides. Make sure your uniforms match your restaurant’s image to present consistent branding to your customers.

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