Should Your Business Have a Holiday Party?

By QuickBooks Canada Team

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The holiday spirit can be contagious and may inspire you to throw holiday parties for your employees and clients. The upside of throwing a holiday party is it boosts employee morale. The downside is that party attendees may engage in inappropriate behavior that could tarnish your image. Read on to learn how to plan a holiday party that benefits your company.

Boost Employee Morale

After a busy year, a holiday party may be just what the doctor ordered to get your employees excited about the new year. Employees who are excited and energized about working for you are more likely to say good things about your company on social media and to prospective employees; they’re also less likely to be poached by your competition.

If you decide to throw a holiday party with boosting morale in mind, promote a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Budget permitting, think beyond your company premises when it comes to choosing a party venue. Holding your holiday party at an offsite location with a breathtaking view or an interesting vibe creates memories that engender employee retention. Also, encourage activities that get party attendees to loosen up and laugh such as a workplace trivia game. Have an idea of the things you want to happen at the party, such as announcements and prizes or gift giving, but avoid trying to maintain a tedious itinerary that makes the party feel like a board meeting.

Build Team Spirit

Teams, rather than individuals, are responsible for your company’s success. You might throw a holiday party for the specific purpose of recognizing your teams. Consider giving team awards in the form of holiday gifts but aim to keep award presentations fun and informal. A holiday party is also the perfect opportunity for your employees to take center stage and praise their fellow team members for a job well done. To further promote teamwork, encourage interested employees to form an event-planning team to organize your company holiday party. Such teams draw people together who might not work on the same projects, which further encourages a sense of cohesion in your workplace.

Should Clients Be Invited?

Some companies have two holiday parties: one for clients and one for employees. You don’t need to invite your clients if your holiday party is meant to be an intimate company gathering, but you may wish to invite them to a glamorous event such as a holiday gala. Having a professionally planned holiday party can be a marketing strategy. It shows your company is financially well off, which is a highly effective way to encourage clients to keep doing business with you.

Risk Prevention

The reality is some holiday party attendees engage in inappropriate behavior, which can tarnish a company’s image. To avoid embarrassing situations, send an email to your employees before the party reminding them of your company’s conduct policies. You can also limit the amount of alcohol you serve at holiday parties or avoid serving alcohol altogether. It is also a good idea to arrange taxi service in advance if any party attendees end up unable to drive.

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