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The Importance of Good Design

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The modern marketplace is highly visual, and well-designed marketing campaigns and promotional material are of utmost importance to the success of any company or nonprofit organization. Simple, memorable logos are vital to branding, and quality design is imperative, especially for startups and small businesses. Good design may mean the difference between profit and loss for your company. Consider these key factors in achieving good design for your promotional material.


The totality of your company’s brand begins and ends with a well-crafted logo, since this trademark symbol weaves its way through every part of your business. Well-designed logos reach your target audience and leave a lasting impression, with attractiveness, relevancy, professionalism and functionality. For example, consider McDonald’s well-known golden arches – easily recognizable, the M shape conveys the company name, while the vibrant gold color reflects success. Give your an instant connection between your logo and your business. Consumers take your company logo into consideration first, as pictures imprint on the human mind faster than words. A well-designed logo that engages its audience opens the door to a wider consumer base.


The goal of promotional material – from billboards, posters and signs to notepads, pens and magnets – is to persuade a specific audience to invest in your company’s products or services. Marketing your brand costs money, so an efficient design is the best way to get the widest reach for the least amount of dollars. The best promotional material communicates your company’s message.

Potential customers spend a limited amount of time taking in and assessing the material. Therefore, the design of promotional material must be efficient in terms of time and in terms of space. Depending on the size of the promotional material, the most important aspects of your company and your brand must be communicated on a limited amount of real estate. Because the consumer viewing the material will be considering and assessing it fairly quickly, it’s better if there is less text. The structure, color, size, shape and overall quality of every letter, character and picture must communicate your company’s brand and message succinctly and effectively.


Your business or organization may need to hire a professional to design much of its promotional material. It’s great if you have the talent in-house to handle the job, but if that’s not the case, don’t shy away from outsourcing for high-quality, professional work. The upfront costs to a professional designer can be significant, but trying to cut costs on design could end up costing your business in the long run. You pay for quality. A cheap design may result in material you can’t use, which then requires the extra expense of redesigning. You can easily get an idea of graphic designers’ work by viewing their portfolios of previous projects. Quality professional designers know how to get the most out of a design and generally create designs and promotional material that are reasonably priced. Manage your expenses, but don’t skimp on quality graphic design material.

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