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3 Ways to Share Your Calendar on the Go

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One of the keys to working more productively, especially if you’re frequently on the road to meet with clients or customers, is being well-organized, so that your work flows smoothly and you avoid wasting time. A helpful tool for managing your workday is a digital assistant in the form of a calendar app for scheduling and handling meetings. The importance of time management for independent professionals or small business owners has spurred the creation of numerous apps that let you share your calendar with others. Finding the perfect calendar app will depend on the nature of your business and your personal preferences, such as whether you’re looking for lots of extra features or simplicity. Ideally, you want an app that’s very easy to use, visually appealing, easy to share, available across all your devices, and integrating with apps for other tasks. With those factors in mind, consider three of the best calendar apps.


ACalendar+ is the premium, paid version of the aCalendar app, which is free. The small monthly fee for the premium version nets you a lot of extra features, such as linking specific contacts to scheduled events and sharing events by using QR codes on your smartphone. A lot of people like aCalendar just for its look. It has an attractive, colorful view that makes it easy to pick out color-coded events on your screen, and offers you a monthly overview, a weekly schedule, and a detailed hour-by-hour rundown of your day, all side-by-side on one screen. This app also integrates well with other basic work apps for tasks such as sending email.

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant is a feature-rich app that combines calendars and task lists. It’s designed to help small business managers and employees stay in contact and multitask on the road. Like aCalendar, Pocket Informant is aesthetically appealing, with easy color coding for different types of meetings or different meeting places. You can share your calendar with other employees or clients, either online or through your smartphone. Pocket Informant stands out by virtue of the many features it offers, such as the ability to sync directly with other apps like Google Calendar and Evernote.


If integrating your ongoing projects and daily to-do list with your online calendar is a priority, along with using your calendar to collaborate with co-workers, then SmartDay may be the calendar app for you. SmartDay is a sort of hybrid calendar app and project manager app. It lets you and the people you share your calendar with add comments or notes. You can also use the app to delegate individual tasks to team members, and the app will then automatically schedule the tasks for the assigned individuals in their own calendars, working around meetings or other events. There’s an option to share projects or events on social media channels, too. SmartDay’s actual calendar isn’t quite as visually appealing, but it’s hard to beat for smart task integration. You can even prioritize tasks with simple color coding, letting the app know what are the most important things for you to get done today. A sharp calendar app can help you schedule meetings and coordinate your workday, helping you be more productive and operate your small business with greater efficiency. Find a calendar app that fits your particular needs, and start simplifying and streamlining your workday.

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