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3 Ways to Stay Organized as an Up-and-Coming Local Contractor

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As a local contractor, you rely on your skill in a particular trade to grow your business, but strong organization is just as important in running your business effectively. Keeping your tools, finances, paperwork, and other aspects of your business organized helps you work more efficiently, saving you time and money. You feel less stress when you have an organizational system, and your clients see you as a professional. If your business lacks order, consider implementing a few simple changes.

Go Digital

Paperwork gets lost and requires a strong organizational system to accurately track. While some things may need to remain on paper, going digital as much as possible minimizes the clutter in your office and lets you easily find paperwork when you need it. Many of your day-to-day work tasks are easy to convert to digital formats through mobile apps, online software, and cloud programs. You can handle your project bids through online bid software, and use a mobile business expense tracker to help you monitor your spending on-the-go. Mobile invoicing saves you time and minimizes paperwork when it comes to managing invoicing and payments from clients. Use scheduling software to keep track of your upcoming jobs and your employees’ schedules. These mobile apps not only save you time and minimize paperwork, they make it easier to access the information from anywhere to keep you on top of your business processes.

Outsource Work

You know your particular trade very well, but being a successful contractor takes more than exceptional painting skills, wiring expertise, or landscaping talent. Advertising, bookkeeping, and administrative tasks can spread you too thin and take away from your actual contractor work. Hiring experts in other fields to handle the mundane or challenging parts of business operation keeps you organized and gives you more time to focus on the business itself. Think about your weaknesses when it comes to running your business. Does the bookkeeping take you an exceptionally long time? Find an accountant who specializes in small businesses or contractors to handle your books. Do you miss lots of phone calls? Hire an answering service to accept calls from clients. Is advertising or social media marketing a challenge? Let a social media specialist or advertising agency take over those tasks. Is your office disorganized? Add an administrative assistant to handle paperwork, take phone calls, and interact with clients. Hiring help for these areas requires a financial investment, but you save yourself time and money in the long run.

Organize Work Vehicles

Your work vehicle serves as your business base for most of your work-related activities. You use it to get to and from jobs, pick up supplies, give estimates, and more. A disorganized work truck makes it difficult to keep your overall business in order. Start by cleaning out your work truck. Remove anything you don’t use for your business, and outfit your truck with a locking toolbox that fits into the truck space. This keeps your tools safe yet easily accessible. When you arrive at a job, you know exactly where to find the tools you need, which saves time. Adding racks for tools and supplies you frequently use, such as a ladder rack, also helps organize your vehicle while protecting your gear for increased longevity and money savings. Inside your vehicle, consider including a system for organizing any paperwork you routinely use on the job. A labeling system for storage containers inside and outside your truck also helps keep everything organized and easy to find. Implementing organizational tactics increases your productivity, saves you money, and minimizes lost paperwork, supplies, and tools. This adds up to greater profits and a more professional presentation to clients to help expand your business prospects.

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