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4 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Firm

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Hiring a marketing firm to handle the promotions of your business frees up time to focus on core competencies. For example, if yours is a plumbing business, the focus of your business should be on developing the tools for your plumbers to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Plumbing, not marketing, is your expertise. Outsourcing your marketing to an outside firm takes the burden off your shoulders, shifting it to someone whose core competencies are in the field.To get the most out of your business’s advertising efforts, consider the following benefits of hiring a marketing firm.


The most efficient way to run a business is to focus on core competencies. Unless your business is a marketing firm itself, its core competencies are in another field, such as plumbing, web design, or accounting. Your customers hire you because of your expertise in your field. So why wouldn’t you trust your marketing to someone who is an expert at it? By networking with other small businesses and examining internet review sites, you can identify a marketing firm with a track record of delivering strong returns on investment. Just as you wouldn’t hire someone with no expertise to your office plumbing, you shouldn’t allow an amateur to run your marketing.

Dedicated Time

Every minute you focus on marketing takes a minute away from focusing on core competencies. For your business to succeed, you want to spend the highest possible percentage of each day doing what you’re best at. Leave the other stuff — marketing, bookkeeping, cleaning the bathrooms, and so forth — to others who specialize in those areas. By hiring a marketing firm, you bring in an expert who can dedicate all their time to developing winning marketing campaigns for your business. Consequently, the time that you would’ve spent trying to replicate their efforts — likely with far less success — is freed up for more productive uses.


Effective marketing requires extensive tracking and making adjustments on the fly to improve return on investment (ROI). Most companies that don’t specialize in marketing lack the resources to track their advertising effectively. Quality marketing firms provide detailed analytics that tell you how much you’re getting out of each campaign compared to how much you’re spending. This allows you to allocate your marketing dollars in a way that helps to maximize your ROI.

Strategy Discussions

Hiring a marketing firm doesn’t mean you have to cede total control of your company’s promotional efforts to someone else. A good marketing professional sits down with you, takes the good ideas you’ve already brainstormed, and helps you develop them into a comprehensive marketing campaign with results you can track. The right person for the job understands that they work for you and the final decisions ultimately fall on your shoulders. They take a consultative approach and spend more time listening than talking. Once they’ve established your needs and wants, they can apply their expertise to making the most of your marketing strategy.

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