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4 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Firm

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Hiring a marketing firm to promote your business frees up time to focus on running and growing your company. When you outsource your marketing to an agency, it takes the burden off your shoulders, shifting it to someone whose core competencies are in the field. To get the most out of your business’ advertising efforts, consider the following benefits of hiring marketing help.

Marketing Expertise

You know your industry, but do you know much about marketing? The most efficient way to run a business is to focus on core competencies. Unless your business is a marketing firm itself, its core competencies are in another field, such as plumbing, web design, or accounting. For example, if you own a plumbing business, the focus of your business should be on developing the tools for your plumbers to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Plumbing, not marketing, is your expertise.

Your customers hire you because of your expertise in your field. So why wouldn’t you trust your marketing to someone who’s an expert at it? If you handle your marketing yourself, you pull yourself away from your main expertise. Trying to figure out which marketing strategy is best for your business can be time-consuming and overwhelming. An expert at a marketing firm for small businesses can analyze your business and recommend the most effective strategies to get the results you want.

Marketing firms also help you implement those strategies. They often have access to the latest technologies and can develop your marketing campaigns to run as seamlessly as possible. Agencies often have multiple staff members with varying specialties, so you can tap into a wide range of expertise without hiring multiple employees yourself. For example, the agency might have experts in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, graphic design, and business strategy who all contribute to your campaign.

Cost Effectiveness

Sure, you spend money to hire a marketing agency – but you can actually save money in the long run. Compared to hiring a full-time marketing employee, outsourcing to a marketing firm is often more affordable. You eliminate the costs of hiring an employee, and you only pay for the services you need. Maybe you just need help getting your marketing campaign off the ground, or you’re looking for suggestions and strategies that you carry out yourself. Perhaps you hire the agency on a temporary basis each time you want to launch a new marketing campaign. Because you only have to pay for the services when you use them, you can minimize what you pay.

You also save money based on your time. If you’re spending hours trying to figure out the marketing yourself, that’s time you’re away from income-generating duties. That means you might unintentionally cut the revenue you could potentially make. Your time on the job has a monetary value, and if you’re spending too much of that time on marketing, your salary isn’t being used as effectively as possible.

Analytics and Tracking

Effective marketing requires extensive tracking and making adjustments on the fly to improve return on investment (ROI). Marketing firms can track your advertising effectively because they know what to expect and what to measure. Quality marketing firms provide detailed analytics that tell you how much you’re getting out of each campaign compared to how much you’re spending. This allows you to allocate your marketing dollars in a way that helps to maximize your ROI. You can track your own ROI, but it can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing to know what to track and how to calculate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Strategy Discussions

Hiring a marketing firm doesn’t mean you have to cede total control of your company’s promotional efforts to someone else. A good marketing professional sits down with you, takes the good ideas you’ve already brainstormed, and helps you develop them into a comprehensive marketing campaign with results you can track. The right person for the job understands that they work for you, and the final decisions ultimately fall on your shoulders. They take a consultative approach and spend more time listening than talking. Once they’ve established your needs and wants, they can apply their expertise to making the most of your marketing strategy.

Even though you maintain control, it’s often beneficial to have an outside perspective. Maybe you have ideas for marketing campaigns or you’re already taking a certain approach. Because you’re so close to the situation, it can be challenging to step back and see it from another perspective. Your marketing experts can help you look at your company from the customer’s point of view to potentially improve the efficiency of your efforts.

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