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4 Business Card Apps to Clear Out Your Wallet

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As a small business owner, your wallet and address book may be cluttered with business cards you’ve gotten from vendors, associates, and other businesses. In today’s technology-driven world, applications have been created to address nearly all of your business needs, including the nuisance of excess business cards. Take a look at some of the apps below, all designed to help you purge your bulging wallet of extra paper.


CamCard stands out among other apps because its interface is excellent. It has cross-platform and cloud accessibility, and its capture technology is among the best in terms of accuracy. With these apps, you use your smartphone camera to capture the information on each business card. Versions of this app are compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Windows Phone 8, but only the iOS and Android versions have a premium pay version that offers additional features and gets rid of the advertisement banner.

WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile is the perfect app for you if you have a lot of business cards in foreign languages or foreign characters, since it recognizes 21 different languages. The free version of this app limits you to saving one contact per week, but the premium version enables you to save unlimited contacts. Similar to CamCard, the app has a cloud-based mobile database, but it syncs easily to various platforms, including your laptop or tablet. WorldCard Mobile also syncs contact information it captures from the business card directly to your Gmail/Google contacts list. If you travel a lot for business, or if you have many international vendors, WorldCard Mobile is a great app to consider; most users opt for the extra features of the paid version.


ScanBizCards has two prominent features that help set it apart from other business card apps. Once scanned, you can export contact information directly into Salesforce.com accounts and Excel spreadsheets, and you can integrate it with Skype. The other highlighting feature of this app is its side-by-side editing capability, with imported data on one side and the image from the business card on the other. ScanBizCards also has a genuinely unique transcribe option attached to it. Before you can use it, you are required to sign up for WebSync, which is a cloud storage service. After you sign up for this account and buy credits for different transcription types and services, ScanBizCards’ staff manually edit contact entries for you. Though this involves additional fees, the service can come in handy when the information from scanned cards isn’t filtered into its appropriate field. This feature, despite its added cost, sets ScanBizCards apart from virtually every other business card app. Getting rid of bulky stacks of paper business cards can not only lighten your wallet, but make using your contact list more efficient as well. You can scan through an app list of contacts a lot faster than you can thumb your way through a large stack of business cards.

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